The Latest AHS: Hotel Teasers Introduce Us To More Cortez Residents

Credit: FX
Credit: FX

It is only weeks until we’re invited to check in to the Hotel Cortez. Over the past month, we’ve gradually been introduced to the weird and wonderful characters that inhabit the hotel and are set to feature in our nightmares over the course of the season. From an eyeless man disturbing guests’ rest, to being encased within a mattress, from eerie extras from Children of the Corn to peeping Toms, it’s a fair bet that this is one hotel you won’t be checking out of – mainly because you can’t.

The latest teaser, released a few days ago, features another of these strange creatures. In a new 10-second promo, we get to meet a very ghoulish figure with mesmerising eyes and an interesting head accessory.

Based off the hair, the character could be Sarah Paulson’s Hypodermic Sally, but those eyes and that face… doesn’t quite match up.

Credit: FX

However, addictions can totally change you. One thing’s for sure, I wouldn’t want to be running into her on my way back to my room.

The other character we’ve been recently introduced to is Lady Gaga’s much-hyped Countess, owner of the possibly-haunted Hotel Cortez. Being Gaga you just know the costumes are going to be outrageous, over the top, and totally decadent, however, the costume department have truly outdone themselves as evidenced in this teaser, “Above and Below”.

We’re told to “behold” and then “beware” of the Countess, a warning that we’ll certainly heed, especially if the song choice for this video has any bearing on her character (and being an AHS promo, you can count on it).

“You hate me to say / And I did not obey
Will you until death does sever / Be upright to her forever”
is the English translation of German band Rammstein’s hit “Du Hast”. Her minions of Aryan children are definitely at her beck and call, but what about those who aren’t? I’d be watching your back if you mess with the Countess.

Secrets from the Hotel will start to be revealed from October 7 on FX.

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