Queen Help Adam Lambert Rock Up “Ghost Town”

Credit: Neal Preston

The world has fallen in love with the haunting first track from Adam Lambert’s latest album, Original High. Charting around the world, “Ghost Town” peaked at number 2 in Australia and quickly went platinum. With a catchy chorus, soulful lyrics, and the seductive, intimate vocals by Lambert, the song has everyone whistling along.

So what could possibly make this pumping dance hit even beat? Well add some Queen into the mix and rock it up. And that’s just what they did.

For over a year, the singer has been wowing crowds as the latest frontman for Queen in their world tour. While they had a bit of a break earlier this year, where Lambert had the opportunity to release and promote the Original High, they hit the road again a few days ago, heading to South America and with a new continent, they’ve added a new element to the show.

Taking to the stage in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the band headlined the first night of the Rock in Rio festival. During the set, Lambert performed his hit single, much to the enjoyment of the cheering crowd.

While I love the rawness of the original, the addition of the ripping guitar riffs by Queen’s Brian May in place of the techno dance beats, and the awesome May solo, was not only the perfect merging of pop and rock, but took this song to a whole other level, one that shouldn’t be missed.

Luckily for all of us not in attendance at the gig, video footage was captured and later shared by Lambert.

Seeing Lambert and May rocking out to the song just makes my night and I can’t be the only one that desperately needs a studio recording of this. Seriously, this needs to be done asap.

Queen + Adam Lambert play in Porto Alegre, Brazil on Monday night before shows in Argentina and Chile. Adam Lambert will be touring the Original High in Japan, Australia and New Zealand in the new year.

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