Merida Gets Brave In New Once Upon A Time Promo

Credit: Tyler Shields/ABC/EntertianmentWeekly
Credit: Tyler Shields/ABC/EntertianmentWeekly

Once Upon A Time sure loves its princesses and doesn’t waste any time in adding more to the mix. It was announced this summer that the fairytale show was adding the Scottish princess to its overly stuffed cast, and the first TV promo of the Brave warrior has been released.

The promo shares that the new season will take us into a “whole new world of gallant knights and brave warriors.” Amy Manson makes her debut as Brave’s Merida as well in the promo.

Last season saw the beloved Emma Swan turn dark in the last few minutes of the finale as she grabbed the Dark One’s powers to save her loved ones. Emma’s journey into the darkness and her new powers will much of the focus in the upcoming season.

As for Merida, she’s part of the fantasy land that Emma ends up at and where the remaining heroes of the show will be following her to to save her before she gets in too deep. Judging by the promo, it’s the land of literary legends as King Arthur and Lancelot will also be feature in the upcoming season as well as the rest of the Storybrooke crew will be heading towards Camelot to seek out Merlin’s help.

Check out the promo below:

Here’s hoping that Once Upon A Time returns to its former glory with this storyline. The show has been suffering the last two seasons ratings wise as its convuluted story lines are chasing away its viewers. The show often underuses its characters and tends to keep adding to the cast without making sure the regulars on the show are given their time to shine.

Once Upon A Time returns to the tube on Sunday September 27.

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