Kong: Skull Island Could Be Making A Studio Move From Universal To Warner Bros

Credit: Legendary
Credit: Legendary

Hold on to your hats folks, a Monster Universe could possibly be in the very near future if reports from Variety are to be believed.

Rumours have surfaced that discussions might be underway between production company Legendary Entertainment, and distribution companies Warner Bros. and Universal to move the upcoming film by Legendary, Kong: Skull Island from Universal to Warner Bros.

The reasoning being so that they commence the creation of what will effectively be a Monster Universe.

By having both the rights to King Kong and their previous Legendary film Godzilla under their banner would allow them to kick off the Universe with an epic battle between to the two giant rage filled creatures.

Imagine the destruction!

Godzilla was made by Legendary back in 2014 through Warner Bros. and it raked in around $200 million at the box office. A sequel is currently in development with the aim being a 2018 release.
We’ve already told you about the upcoming casting etc of  Legendary’ Kong: Skull Island, and sources say  that it is now just  “weeks away from shooting”. 
The movie stars one of our favourite Brit actors Tom Hiddleston alongside Brie Larson, Toby Kebell and Corey Hawkins. Before everyone starts asking “what about the ride that was being built at Universal?”  
Let’s remember not to put any carts before horses and wait to see what happens and if the deal goes through. At this point, Legendary have declined to comment on their distribution deal with either company.  
Whatever happens to the project, which has to date been a rather bumpy ride with delays and re-casts and even the latest news that a new script-writer was being brought in to ‘tweak’ the final draft.We reported last month that while filming had been scheduled to commence in October, it was announced that Derek Connolly had been brought in to give the script a polish. Connolly was a co-writer on the hugely successful Jurassic World as well as Safety Not Guaranteed, which has won a slew of awards including Independent Spirit Award for Best First Screenplay.If Kong: Skull Island did move to Warner Bros. for distribution, it would sit well in the lap of the studios well-known love of  ‘event movies’. It would also hand them another universe to work within, other than just the one based on the DC characters, which is just in the early stages of being created.

If we do see the eventual battle of ape and reptilian creature it won’t be the first time – check out the cult 1962 cult classic  King Kong vs Godzilla.

For now, all we know is that the cast remains as announced and the release date is still expected to be March 2017.

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