I Blame The Movies: We’ve All Been Saying Voldemort’s Name Wrong!

Credit: AP
Credit: AP

Well a lot of the Potterheads will already be well aware that most of us have been saying the name of The Dark Lord wrong for the last 17 years.

Over the weekend this little tweet set tongues wagging, and correcting themselves.

Then the lady herself added to the discussion.

If you are bored and need cheering up, follow that conversation because the bit about the pronunciation of caramel and also the mention of the squirrel is highly entertaining.

So, according to the author, we should all be saying “Voldemore” when we dare to speak the name of He Who Should Not Be Named.

What I find strange is that when the Harry Potter films were being created, why that wasn’t questioned?   Taking a little step back, the audio books of the first two books int he series, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which are narrated by Jim Dale in the US Versions have the silent “T” pronunciation. (Stephen Fry does the UK Version for those playing at home).  Going back to the movies, one really has to wonder why the author never thought to mention it to the cast or crew as she was on hand for a lot of the film as an adviser.

In the name of research, I found myself venturing into the equivalent of the dark forest and I spoke with a long time potter fan, when this story came up.  I need to tell you all that, first off most of the serious long-term fans are doing a Hermione-style eye roll at the rest of us for only just finding out this news.   This fan I spoke to said “It’s not unlike the Hermione thing no one else ever knew how to say her name either. Many mispronounced it as Her-me-own,” I was told.  She also shared “JK Rowling actually made a joke of it in Goblet of Fire having Viktor Krum mispronouncing it and being told the correct way to say it”.    She went on to add that “I’ve participated in HP discussions online for years now, and there are some facts that come up frequently that to me are common knowledge by now, but many others, even longtime fans, had simply never heard about. Voldemort’s name pronunciation being one of them.”

So if there’s no T in Voldemort, does that mean his other name is pronounced Om Riddle?

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