CW Releases First Promo For iZombie Season Two

Credit: CW
Credit: CW

The time is among us, iZombie fans, the CW has finally released the first iZombie Season 2 promo, and it is absolutely adorable!

Take a look:

It is sad that not too much was revealed that we did not already know, but it still looks absolutely intriguing. We left off last season with the Max Rager CEO coming after the zombie problem, and that is exactly where this season takes off for the Season 2 premiere,

According to showrunner Rob Thomas; “We kind of say what the big storyline of Season Two will be in the finale,” because “There’s a moment with Vaughn Du Clark, the head of Max Rager, says to his right-hand scientist, ‘You worry about creating Super Max, I’m going to eliminate all of the Seattle zombies.’ If zombies were the aggressors in season one, they’re put a little bit more on the defensive side and it will make very strange bedfellows of Liv and Blaine in season two. Getting those two in scenes together, which was tough in season one, will be much easier in season two.”

Who is excited to have Liv and Blaine on the same side? Okay, yeah, he killed a few people and basically brought on the zombie apocalypse, but I am sure there is some redemption hidden in there somewhere. Plus, I obviously have a type, so Bliv must live on!

Also, we cannot forget about Ravioli, the most adorable ship name to ever ship! Will our dorky duo become even closer this season? What brains will Liv ingest to make her ‘oh so adorable’ and completely outlandish? I have no idea, but I am excited!

Season 2 of iZombie will premiere  on October 6 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, so tune and get your bucket of brains because it is going to be awesome!

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