Cold, Colder, Killer Frost: Danielle Panabaker Talks Transformations And Time Jumps In The Flash

Cold, Colder, Killer Frost: Danielle Panabaker Talks Transformations and Time Jumps In The Flash
Credit: The CW

A round of applause for us patient little fans – we have almost made it through the summer hiatus (more like hellatius) and our favorite shows are about to return.

In the case of the red speedster and his loyal friends and even more loyal enemies, we are only 4 weeks away. First of all, relive the The Flash‘s season one finale with our recap. And then it’s time to prepare for what season two has in store for us. There is one thing that not only we have been looking forward to: Killer Frost. We were given a tiny little tease in the season one finale, but that is most definitely not enough. We need more of this special version of Caitlin Snow.

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

Back in June Danielle Panabaker expressed her excitement over becoming Killer Frost at Super Heroes Con in Paris. But she also told us that she knew nothing about season two yet: “I don’t know if and when we will see her again, but I hope pretty soon”.

With season two just around the corner, Panabaker was now ready to spell the beans. Well, some of them. She definitely confirms a six-month time jump after the shocking finale. “The season premiere will address some stuff from the finale; it’s not like there’s some title card that just says, ‘Six months later,’” The Flash actress said at a Dragon Con panel in Atlanta this weekend. “We will deal with the singularity and everything that’s going on.”

Time has passed in Central City and everyone is reacting accordingly. But that one pressing question about Caitlin Snow’s alter ego has yet to be answered. It just seems like we have to be patient a little longer.

“The writers will say, ‘Well this is what’s going to happen. We’re looking forward to this. This is what we’re thinking.’ And then scripts evolve, sometimes they don’t make it into the script as soon as you hope, sometimes we shoot things that don’t even make it into the show.”, explains Panabaker at Dragon Con. “I think our season finale was [an extra] 20 minutes long, so that’s 20 minutes of stuff that they cut out of storylines. Little things, like they explained how Caitlin asked Barry to go get her wedding dress, and they explained the toilets in the pipeline, and that sort of thing. But since we only have 42, 44 minutes, some stuff just sort of falls to the cutting-room floor.”

Cutting 20 minutes out of a 40 minute episode is not only cruel to fans, who would have loved to see all the additional material, but also hurts the creative team behind the show, who has invested so much time and energy in making things happen. Well, there are always the deleted scenes …

But what about Miss Frost? “Long story short, I’m useless in terms of Killer Frost.”, said Panabaker. “I want it to happen very, very badly. Unfortunately I don’t know that it’s happening yet.”

So do we, Danielle. So do we. Whether another surprise appearance or a gradual change towards Caitlin’s alter ego, Killer Frost seems inevitable. We will just have to wait for it. Until then, feast your eyes on brilliant fan art.

Season two of The Flash premieres Tuesday October 6th at 8/7 ct on The CW.

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