Baby Blues, Wedding Woes, And Future Worries Take Center Stage On This Week’s Downton Abbey

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

Welcome back, Downtonians. After last week’s rather cheerful season premiere, it’s back to darkness on this week’s episode as everyone’s inner demons come out to play. Many of our favorites struggle this week as their inner fears try to get the best of them.

As this is the last season of Downton Abbey, here’s hoping some of the drama shown in this episode lightens up as it would be rather nice to see the show end on a happier note (please no more deaths!).

This week’s episode featured some bridezilla-esque action along with baby fears and more. Plus there was a kidnapping! Grab tea and hobnobs, everyone and let’s discuss episode 2, shall we?

What You Need To Know:

  • I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues: The Bates can’t seem to catch a break ever. After celebrating the good news last episode that Anna and Mr. Bates are free and not guilty, this week, they faced another obstacle. Looks like dear Anna can’t keep a baby. The poor lady’s maid has miscarried several times and while her ever supportive hubby tells her that they’ll be fine whether they adopt a child or it’s just the two of them, Anna knows that he really wants a family. Anna eventually confides in Lady Mary, and she suggests they visit her doctor as if everyone can recall, Mary too struggled with infertility. A trip to the doctor reveals that Anna is suffering from “cervical incomptitude,” which surgery can luckily fix, which quickly brightens up our favorite lady’s maid’s face.  Maybe there is hope our dear Bates’ will be happy in the end.
  • Wedding Woes: Mrs. Hughes and Carson are finally getting down to planning their wedding. Only problem is that they haven’t found a venue just yet. Not to worry though as Robert suggest they can get married at Downton under the servant’s hall. That suggestion/offer doesn’t sit well with Carson, Mrs. Hughes, nor Mary. The soon to be newlyweds take offense to Lord Grantham’s offer while Mary scolds her father for his lack of tact. Mrs. Hughes tells Carson to turn the Crawleys down as she wants to have their wedding held elsewhere. Carson agrees with her and goes to share his decision with the family when Mary offers up the great hall for their wedding instead. Carson doesn’t dare turn Mary down and shares her offer with Mrs. Hughes, which also doesn’t sit well with the future bride. Mary tells Carson later on that she’ll sort it out with Mrs. Hughes. Bride wars anyone?
  • There Will Be Blood…Maybe: It’s Violet versus Isobel as they both go up against one another about the hospital and its future. The Dowager Countess is determined to keep things the status quo while Isobel is ready to usher in the future and let the hospital be bought out. On Violet’s side is Dr. Clarkson while Isobel counts Lord Merton and now Cora amongst her allies. Robert refuses to take sides but as his sister kindly pointed out later on the episode, it won’t be long until he’s forced to.
  • Gone, Baby, Gone: Edith has both work and baby issues in this episode. Her editor in London is still being a miserable git to her every chance he gets. Edith takes a trip down to London to sort him out. While she’s away, Mary gets the brilliant idea to drag the children the Drewe’s farm, where it’s quite apparent that Mrs. Drewe is still not over the loss of Marigold. Robert later on visits the farm, urging Mr. Drewe to move on from the farm because it’s doing more harm than good for them to be there. Mr. Drewe tells Robert that he can manage his wife, which turns out not to be true later on as she ends up kidnapping Marigold while everyone is distracted during the farm festival. Mr. Drewe is able to persuade his wife to hand over Marigold, which she does. In the end, the Drewes make the decision to leave the farm. This whole ordeal has Edith quite shaken and just may be the push she needs to move to London, where she has decided to keep the flat after all.
  • Everything else: Downstairs, Barrow worries about his future and even goes to a job interview, which goes south rather quickly as the times are indeed changing. He’s also chasing after Andrew, which Mrs. Patmore warns him not to do but of course, he doesn’t listen. Daisy, on the other hand, is still trying to fight the good fight and help Mr. Mason. She even goes to Cora, who is sympathetic and apparently now has something up her sleeve.

Quotes of the night:

I just don’t want to be a servant on my wedding day. Is that so wrong?” Mrs. Hughes

If you can’t say anything helpful, Robert, please stay silent.” Violet

“Emotions will trip you up every time.” Mr. Drewe

Join us next week when Becky takes over recapping the WEDDING!

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