Always: Harry Potter Fans Share Messages In Copies Of Books With #PotterItForward


I don’t think we really need to question the awesomeness that is the Harry Potter fandom. But they continue to prove just how inspirational the series is to people many years later.

Fans of the series are leaving notes in the Harry Potter books for first time readers. They are pointing out key moments and sharing just how important they are to those readers. They use #PotterItForward to share small moments of inspirational messages to show new readers the effect the series has had on its readers.

This movement began with and caught on with others as they began to put notes in library copies and donated books, as well as share them on social media.

They share messages of hope and welcome, and how this story has helped people in their darkest moments.

I love finding notes in books, unfortunately it doesn’t happen often enough. Notes like these prove that these stories have touched people’s lives and by sharing them, the stories will continue to live on. We all wish we received a Hogwarts letter in the mail when we turned eleven, but I think that receiving a note like this would be a decent replacement. Think about cracking open Harry Potter for the first time and seeing a note such as these never knowing that the stories would surely change your life. Think about getting a note saying that Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone will help you through some of the most darkest moments of your adolescence and beyond and that you are not alone in your darkness. As a kid, when most of us first read them, maybe we wouldn’t have believed any of it when we first saw the note, but when we think back on that note it would be like we received that letter welcoming us to the world of Harry Potter.

I can’t think of a better way to start that wonderful magical world.

Kelli Heidelberger