All Aboard: Chris Evans and Jared Leto Rumoured To Join The Girl On The Train

Photo: Variety
Photo: Variety

With the sudden emergence of popular psychological thrillers starting with the ever popular Gone Girl there is no surprise that the next book to take the leap to the big screen would be the bestselling Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins.

The novel is about a woman who, surprisingly, in on a train. She takes the train everyday and becomes intrigued by a couple she continuously observes and one day she sees something that changes things; mystery ensues. The book – much like Gone Girl – has an unreliable narrator, tons of twists and turns, and is certainly a page turner all of which make it the perfect candidate for the big screen.

Not that I’ve read Girl on the Train (yet) but I sell books for a living, can you tell?

DreamWorks has the rights to the film and things are already in place to make the story come to life.

Emily Blunt , Rebecca Ferguson, and Haley Bennett are already signed up for the 2016 film adaptation which will be directed by Larry Brand.

Two male actors are now circling the project and they are none other that Chris Evans and Jared Leto.

According to Varietynegotiations are still in process as finances and scheduling need to be dealt with, but if things are settled Leto would be Rachel Watson’s (Blunt) husband and Evans Anna’s (Ferguson) husband.

So while I can’t comment on whether or not I find the casting of these characters appropriate I can say that I am 100% fine with having Evans and Leto in the same movie (Blunt too, let’s be honest).

I think I can find a few people to agree with me on that.

The Girl on the Train is currently available online and in stores if you are interested in seeing what the fuss is about before its release in 2016 (or, like me, will pick it up right before then because you have a weird thing about reading books first).

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