4YE Quick Lists: 10 Reasons Why Oliver And Felicity Are Arrow’s Next Couple-On-Top

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

It’s not a secret that our little family at 4YE tends to get invested in the lives of fictional characters. Their love lives are especially of interest to us. The new television season is upon us, we are getting ready to ship, and we are not alone!

Ever since Arrow started in 2012 the world fell in love with one broody vigilante and his blonde IT sidekick. And now, three seasons and a few deaths and catastrophes later they have finally found their way to happiness. At least for now. But here are a few reasons why we believe that Oliver and Felicity could easily become next season’s Couple-On-Top.

1. They Have the Support of a Large and Passionate Fanbase
Gaining a lot of vocal support online is not always the key element in bringing two fictional people together. There are a lot of fans virtually screaming for their favorite couple to get together, but often without results. Especially on Twitter the lines between passionate and aggressive are blurry at best. So while a large fanbase is not exactly a guarantee for success, it doesn’t hurt to have a few million people in their corner. They have the power to do good as well, am I right, Mister Amell?

2.They Developed Organically
While many people believe it was the fans reaction to seeing Oliver and Felicity interact on screen that catapulted Emily Bett Rickards from being a minor character to taking over the female lead of the series, it was actual a whole internal affair. At Wizard World Chicago Amell spilled the beans: “We shot Episode 3 several months before we premiered, so the only people that have seen it are the people that are in it, the executive team, and sort of across the board. There was a feeling all the way up to Peter Ralph, who is the president of Warner Brothers Television, he watches the 3rd episode and he gives notes especially in the early portion of a season and he says…”The blond computer girl…more, please, more”.

3. Their Chemistry is off the Charts
Turning Felicity into a leading lady has not just been a decision based off on fan reactions, but on the pure chemistry Emily and Stephen bring to the screen. That is something that not only the fans acknowledged, but also the producers of the show, even the studio. Once that kind of chemistry – romantic as well as platonic – is established on TV, it would be unwise not to use it. Emily and Stephen are aware of it as much as we are, and they embrace it.

4. They Are Sexy as Hell

A little chemistry goes a long way. Way before these two got the chance to express their love for each other physically – even long before they were actually considered a romantic pairing – their unresolved sexual tension has been undeniable. One thing to blame are Felicity’s ramblings, who could forget her little slip: “It feels really good having you inside me”? We definitely didn’t. There was also a special elevator scene at the end of the first season. Or this gem from early season two in which Oliver and Felicity manage to add a little flirtation to a conversation about military weapons. Now that Oliver and Felicity are an actual couple, Arrow EP Marc Guggenheim promised more sexy times to come. We are more than okay with that.

5. They have the Ability to Communicate Solely Through Looks

While Felicity might be the Queen of babble, Oliver is less inclined to speak, especially considering his feelings. Additionally they find themselves in situations in which talking is either not possible, or – more often – not necessary. Whether they are casually undressing each other in their minds, making heart eyes at each other or asking for advice and approval, it happens through little pointed looks. This ability certainly comes in handy at times.

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6. They Continue to Make Star(ling) City a Better Place

Oliver, Felicity and Diggle have been vigilante for three seasons now. They have worked as a team and continually have each other’s backs. Now that Team Arrow has expanded quite a bit with the additions of Laurel and Thea, and occasional visits from Central City, the Arrow cave is getting crowded. In season four Oliver and Felicity continue being a team, even if it means becoming a team within a team. They are both too dedicated to fighting injustice to give up on their nightly routines. As Marc Guggenheim stated, their relationship will not interfere with their mission to save the city, but rather develop in a different direction: “When Oliver and Felicity are together at her workstation, now he’s got his hand on her shoulder. It’s a difference of degrees. Basically, we’re treating them like two coworkers who started dating.”

7. Their Relationships is Founded in Friendship
Before Oliver and Felicity entered a romantic relationship, they managed to establish a close friendship. Their friendship has been founded in trust and mutual respect. Oliver may be physically stronger but he has always valued Felicity’s intellectual input. He may not ask for advice directly, but Oliver respects his friend and team-mate enough to consider and appreciate her guidance. He believes in her as much as she believes in him. And ultimately, they want to see each other happy.  To quote the wonderful Gillian Anderson: “Well, it seems to me that the best relationships – the ones that last – are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is… suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with.”

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8. They Make Each Other Better

Oliver and Felicity make each other want to be the best possible version of themselves. Remember the ruthless killer we first met in the initial episodes of season one? He is long gone. Arrow continues to have its darker sides, but Oliver gradually becomes more aware of the light in his life. Once Diggle and Felicity joined his crusade, he realized that having someone to rely on may not be the worst thing to happen to him. We got a little glimpse of a happier, more carefree Oliver in the season three premiere – before everything went south once again – and we cannot wait to see more of Oliver’s happy smiles in season four. Love suits him well. But it is not only Oliver who profits from their relationship. Felicity has been aware of being ridiculously overqualified for her IT job at QC, and joining Team Arrow has given her life purpose. Over the course of three years we have seen her flourish, it seems like she has finally found her place in life. Judging from the vacation pictures Marc Guggenheim provided (photobombing aside) the pair looks happier than ever. Well deserved.

9. They Fight for Each Other
The course of true love did never run smooth. After jumping on the Will-They-Won’t-They carousel both Oliver and Felicity had to face rejection after rejection. While Oliver declared it was all in the name of protecting her and the city, Felicity got tired of waiting. It was draining to watch the show’s actual ray of light lose her brightness. And Oliver’s face after seeing Felicity and Ray Palmer together was not much easier to bear. But through all these set-backs they have continued to fight for each other. Even though their tactics were often questionable at best – drugging your man after an explosive night in Nanda Parbat is just devious – their hearts were in the right place. They want each other safe and away from danger and that is admirable. They protect each other fiercely, be it from the occasional big bad or the tragedies of life – and they will continue to do so in the future.

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10. They Win Awards …
… and deliver adorable acceptance speeches! The fact that Oliver and Felicity – as well as Stephen and Emily – have been taking home quite an array of awards this year goes to show that not only the fans support this particular relationship, but that the media is behind it as well. At this year’s MTV Fandom Awards the fictional couple managed to take home the award for Ship of the Year 2015, much to MTV’s delight it seems. They also won the awards for Steamiest Moment and Best Couple at E!’s Best. Ever. TV. Awards. People just can’t get enough of Olicity. We’d like to second that and add: PLEASE MORE.

We believe Oliver and Felicity’s relationship to be timeless and built to last. They have a solid foundation and have proven time and time again that they’d go to hell and back for each other. What Oliver and Felicity have gained in the last three years is setting them up to weather the roughest of storms together: mutual trust, respect and love, and a cause they both believe in. 2016 will be the year of Olicity.

Can’t wait to get a closer look at Arrow’s new season? Don’t miss the trailer for season four, premiering tonight at 6pm EST on Stephen Amell’s Facebook page!

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