4YE Quick List: 10 Reasons You Should Be Watching Sense8

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Everyone needs to stop what they are doing right now and get on Netflix. I am not kidding, this is of top importance.

If you have yet to hear about the Netflix Original Series Sense8, then let me enlighten you.

It has some serious LGTB representation

Hollywood is definitely not known for its LGBT representation so we can safely tell you that Sense8 really is a breath of fresh air when it comes to this; not to mention that there is a transgender character who is actually played by a trans person (much like on Orange is the New Black, so mad props to Netflix).

It has women who kick serious ass

And it’s not just in the ‘I can legit kick your ass; wa’ all the time. The show proves that there is more than one way for a woman to be a strong female character whether or not it is legitimately kicking someone’s ass (Sun) or if it is using other strengths like their mind to do so (Kala and Nomi) or if it’s fighting their own inner demons everyday and winning (Riley). This show has a whole spectrum of amazingly strong female characters that we are so here for.

It has diversity through the roof, with some actors and actresses actually from the countries and cultures they are representing!


Doona Bae (Sun) is from South Korea, Max Riemelt (Wolfgang) is from Berlin, Germany, Miguel Angel Silvestre (Lito) is from Spain – okay so Lito is from Mexico, but you gotta respect the diversity here – Tina Desai (Kala) is from India, and of course Jamie Clayton (Nomi) and Brian J. Smith (Will) are from the United States. But can you believe the amazing global representation of this cast?! That is a feat in itself!

There is not a single main character that you are going to hate, trust us


Every single character is so well developed and flawed, that by the end of the first episode you just want to cuddle all your children, and let them know everything is going to be okay. 

The settings are absolutely stunning, to the point it kind of makes you want to cry with envy


All of the scenes were shot in the countries they were shown to be in. So they really did shoot in Mumbai and Seoul and Berlin etc. They hired local actors and crews for each of the countries, which helped increase the realism of the scenes. 

The storyline itself is so immersive, original as hell, and absolutely amazing that there is never a moment you can tear yourself away from the screen

Plus, the second you turn away from the screen you lose the entire plot and need to start the entire episode over. Every single event that occurs in this series has a purpose for either the characters or the plot. There is not a wasted minute of screen time and it’s beautiful.

The actors are adorable puppies and are way too good for this world

Exhibit A: This adorable 50 minute google hangout with the case

A man experiencing a period for the first time (YES THIS IS IMPORTANT)

Do we really need an explanation here? How does hearing this sentence not make you even a little bit curious to watch this show. DO IT, WATCH IT.

The show doesn’t back away from the tough stuff

Dealing with issues like suicide, depression, and drugs in a way that is relatable and understandable.  It brings to light issues that many shows glance over or down play, but not Sense8. They hit the issues head on, no sugar coating!

It’s a shippers dream!

As shipper trash, the more ships the better, and this show is my trashcan.


That’s right friends, the show is no longer in a will they won’t they limbo because Sense8 has officially been renewed for season 2, which is fantastic because now we get to continue the stories of all these amazing, lovable characters and you will have something to look forward to at the end of your binge watching.

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