This Joker Fan Theory For The DC Extended Universe Will Blow Your Mind

Credit: Warner Bros
Credit: Warner Bros

Fans are a special kind of dedicated, and there is a certain amount of pride in that.

We analyze, debate, and look carefully over anything that is relevant to our interests. We find the Easter Eggs, the background clues, the repeating patterns. Then we get excited about it, sharing and talking and postulating.

It’s really fun to be a fan.

Then you get a theory so amazing that you want to jump up and down in delighted joy.

This newest fan theory about the DC Extended Universe’s Joker (Jared Leto) is probably the best fan theory that I have ever heard. It could be a fascinating look at the Batman-Joker dynamic.

Simply put: I want this to happen.

Reddit user DeathByRequest has clearly watched the Batman v Superman trailer a lot of time along with studying the Jared Leto as Joker picture. Because what they found? It was pretty awesome.

There are puncture wounds on the Robin costume that match exactly with similar wounds on the Joker’s body.

Credit: Warner Bros/Reddit
Credit: Warner Bros/Reddit

So it could be believed that the Joker is actually a former Robin.


That would be one of the biggest and most awesome twists in the entire Batman mythos. I mean that would just be such a fascinating dynamic.

I want it so bad.

Now could it happen? Maybe.

Another likely thing is that the Joker inflicted these injuries on his own person. Maybe a tribute/trophy thing to a Robin (more than likely Jason Todd) that he had killed.

Now if the Joker is a former Robin, then it is likely he is Jason Todd. Why? Todd is always killed by the Joker. But a similar idea to this was explored in the Batman Beyond film.

In the film, Todd was exposed to a gas that made him into a mini-Joker as a child. He was made to forget about the experience. As an adult, however, his fragile psyche  shattered and he developed a Joker personality.

So it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility to see a similar thing in the DCEU.

I can safely say that this is one idea that I truly want to see explored in the films.

Jared Leto will make his Joker debut in Suicide Squad in August.

Bec Heim