Once Upon A Time Reveals Season 5 Teaser

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

Come one and all, it is time for ABC to release the practically spoiler free Once Upon a Time promo, take a look:

So what did you all think? Shocked? Excited? Hoping it turns out better than it looks? Wishing Emma Swan had eyebrows? Yeah, me too.

As many of you know and as the teaser reveals, this season we will be introduced to some new Disney characters (yay), Merida from Disney’s hit Brave and King Author and the Knights of Camelot. So this season be prepared to keep track of these new additions, the Wicked Witch, Robin Hood, the Evil Queen, Snow White, Captain Hook, and so much more. Now will Once be able to balance this new ensemble of characters with the already massive cast they have? My guess is unlikely, but I am going to enjoy watching them try.

The real question is: How are these unlikely allies going to help save Emma, who has been consumed by the Darkness? Who is going to save the savior? My money is on Killian Jones, but then where does the Wicked Witch and Robin Hood come into all this?

Co-creator Adam Horowitz told TVLine that the theme for Season 5A is  “Love is a dangerous weapon.” He goes onto state that, “Emma is a very motivated Dark One. There’s a real driving force behind what she’s doing and why.”

Now do I think there is going to be a huge hype with little reward like last season? You bet-cha! But am I still going to watch like the hopeful 8-year-old Disney loving fangirl I am? Probably. So folks, buckle up, cross your fingers, and keep ahold of your expectations because Season 5A premieres on September 27 over on ABC.


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