New The Muppets Promo Videos Feature Nathan Fillion And Kerry Washington

Credit: ABC

The Muppets are coming back to our TV’s in full force!

The whole gang are getting ready for their triumphant return to TV after a 17 years-long absence. Can you believe it has been that long since we last saw them singing, dancing and being awesome on our TV screens? Man, we truly need our dose of Muppets-happiness again.

As we are getting closer to the premiere date (September 22, don’t forget), we are starting to get promo videos in that Muppets-style we all love and adore. And of course they include celebrity cameos! It wouldn’t be The Muppets without appearances from their famous friends!

First, Scandal star Kerry Washington tried to promote the show with Piggy and Kermit, but the situation turned tense and a bit awkward when Piggy stepped on Kermit’s line. Seems like the post-break up is not going as smoothly as we would have wanted!

Kerry then took a selfie with Kermit, asking him to “try not to look so sad” while he was trying to let his feelings out on this whole break-up thingy. Ah, poor Kermit.

It’s ok, Kermit! Once the show starts, you won’t have time to be (or look) sad!

Another video is Piggy pretty much representing the whole world. You’ll see, Piggy was trying to shoot a promo video, but got epically distracted by someone behind the cameras: Nathan Fillion. And not just because Nathan is oh so dreamy, but she was distracted by, well… his butt. Naturally, Piggy didn’t waste the chance and stared while Nathan walked away.

You are lying if you don’t identify with Piggy on that video.

Another video shows The Middle‘s Patricia Heaton spending some quality time with the Swedish Chef, which was basically her (and all of us) trying to understand him.

As you will see, the Muppets haven’t lost their touch of magic and humour.

The Muppets will be back on ABC on Tuesday, September 22. Mark those calendars! This is one you will not want to miss!