Lock And Load: Tom Hardy Attached To Gritty Comic Book Adaptation For 100 Bullets

Credit: Vertigo
Credit: Vertigo

New Line and Tom Hardy are locked, loaded and ready to go on Vertigo’s 100 Bullets!

Last month we heard the news that Warner Bros passed responsibility to their subsidiary New Line for DC Entertainment’s more adult imprint: Vertigo. These comic book movie adaptations are changed hands so Warner Bros could focus on their ever expanding DC Cinematic Universe

We already know that the Vertigo title Sandman, created by acclaimed author Neil Gaiman, is in the works, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception, The Dark Knight Rises) supposedly attached to both direct and star.

Now it seems that Hardy (also Inception, The Dark Knight Rises) is in line to produce 100 Bullets, with partner Dean Baker, via their production company Hardy Son & Baker.

There is also speculation that Hardy will star in the movie – here’s to hoping!

Fresh off the back of the $372 million grossing Fury Road this summer, and with the upcoming releases of Legend (where Hardy stars alongside … himself! As the legendary British gangster duo the Kray twins) and The Revenant (starring alongside Leonardo DiCaprio (also Inception, but not The Dark Knight Rises) and under the direction of Alejandro González Iñárritu), the British star is really on the rise!

A little more about 100 Bullets: for those of you who don’t know, the Vertigo line is a little more adult centric than comic books like the Justice League. The (recently cancelled) TV show Constantine is maybe the most mainstream adaptation – it’s not for kids – you get the picture.

Now, 100 Bullets, written by award winners Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso, is a crime saga centered around the mysterious Agent Graves, who inexplicably gifts people the name of the person who ruined their life, a gun, and 100 bullets (hence the name!).

This comic book ran from 1999-2009 and has become something of a cult classic! The script of the movie, written Chris Borrelli (The Vatican Tapes), is being kept under wraps, but is rumoured to stay true to the comics.

You can see Hardy in Legend in October, and The Revenant in January 2016!

Sneh Rupra