It’s Official! Arrow’s Stephen Amell To Guest Star On WWE RAW

Credit: WWE, Twitter
Credit: WWE, Twitter

They have been taunting and teasing each other online (and offline!) for weeks. And after many, many speculations and rumors it is finally official. Arrow’s Stephen Amell will appear as a guest star on next Monday’s episode of WWE RAW. And he will most definitely face Stardust.

It has been more than two months now since Amell and “Stardust” Cody Rhodes first came face to face. While shooting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 in New York the Arrow star decided to catch a WWE show. And was promptly challenged by Stardust.

The two athletes have been nothing if not vocal about their feud. They went at it on Twitter. While Stardust continued to tease Amell on live television, the Canadian actor was quick to fire back. Sometimes tweets limited to 140 characters say more than a thousand words.

It is no surprise that the feud also attracted several people from the outside. Former WWE Women’s Champion and fellow Canadian Trish Stratus offered Amell her assistance and even Star Trek‘s very own William Shatner has found a spot in Amell’s corner of the ring.

But it seems like Stardust has a little trouble differentiating between a gimmick and the actor who represents it. His obsession not only with Stephen but also Oliver Queen and the Green Arrow makes us wonder which one we will be seeing on Monday. In an interview with WWE the wrestler spoke about blurrying the lines between the real person Cody Rhodes and his alter ego.

Stardust says that there is a need for a hero in the WWE. And since there is not way to spell hero without Stephen Amell the man directs the interview in the direction of their feud. “He is the Green Arrow. He is Oliver Queen, son of Moira Queen, the Emerald Archer”, claims the professional wrestler. “And he has all of you fooled!” But he doesn’t stop there, he also threatens Amell, saying “he will get hurt” if he dares to step into the ring on Monday. We have to admit, Stardust can be slightly terrifying.

While it all had been fun and games, yesterday Stardust did the unthinkable, the unforgivable. Because apparently no one insults Felicity Smoak and gets away with it. Especially not Stardust.

So keep your eyes and ears open this weekend, this rivalry is only just heating up!

But which version of Amell will we be seeing on Monday? My money is on the leather suit! Because isn’t that what we all want to see? However, the better question is: will they or won’t they? My guess is we won’t be seeing Amell in action just yet. As he said two months ago, he is in great shape but nowhere near that of a professional wrestler. It takes years and years of practice to step into a ring without getting hurt. And there is just no way anyone would risk Amell getting injured.

As both an Arrow fan and a WWE enthusiast, I could not be more excited about this recent turn of events. What started as a thrilling joke with a few signs and Amell’s wish to host RAW has snowballed into an actual feud. And I am so ready for it, I might even ignore time zones or sleeping patterns on Monday. Bring. It. On.

Catch Stephen Amell on Monday Night RAW, August  10 at 8/7 ct on USA Network.

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