Imagine Dragons Books First Musical Guest Spot On The Muppets

Credit: Anthony Mair
Credit: Anthony Mair

The Muppets have booked its first musical guest for the season!

Now I know you are all still reeling from the fact that Miss Peggy and Kermit have split up, but we need to be strong. We need to talk some Muppet history.

If those of you have seen the older Muppet Show episodes, then you know that the Muppets can nab some awesome musical guest stars.

The first musical guest star for the mockumentary-comedy show is Imagine Dragons!

Entertainment Weekly said that this bit of news was announced at the TCA tour today. The band will play themselves on the show in the series premiere on September 22nd.

They will be the musical guests on the late night talk show that the show is based around Up Late With Miss Piggy.

In previous Muppet shows, the format was variety. So the musical and special guest would normally participate in sketches with the characters. In this new show, it will only be a small part of the overall story being told.

The main premise of the show is following the Muppets in their everyday lives as they try to put on this talk show and deal with the trials and tribulations of the modern world.

Of course, I do hope to see some awesome cameos and appearances. The Muppets can bring in some pretty huge names to make an appearance due to being so beloved.

(I got my fingers cross for Sebastian Stan. Or Fall Out Boy. Something like that.)

Imagine Dragons released Smoke + Mirrors in February, which debut at number one on the Billboard charts. I don’t know which song the band would perform, but I think it would probably be one of their recents singles like “Shots” or “Gold”.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind “On Top Of The World” from their previous album. That’s just me though.

The Muppets will premiere on September 22nd on ABC.


Bec Heim