How To Make A Vision: Here’s What Went Into Paul Bettany’s Age Of Ultron Look

Marvel Studios
Credit: Marvel Studios

To me, the highlight of Avengers: Age of Ultron was Paul Bettany as The Vision. Not only because, well, Paul Bettany! But also because Vision is quite a character. I especially loved that they made him a key character for future MCU movies by placing an infinity stone on his forehead.

Bettany was no stranger to the Marvel world: he has been voicing JARVIS since the first Iron Man movie, but becoming The Vision took a lot mot effort than voicing Stark’s loyal friend.

Make-Up Artist Magazine talked to Age of Ultron‘s makeup artists Jeremy Woodhead and Nik Williams about the process of becoming the Vision and even shared some behind the scenes looks. Let me tell you something: achieving that glorious skin colour was not an easy task.

“The red colour was actually the hardest to figure out because we didn’t want him to be a bright scarlet, which would look slightly absurd, so we ended up with a colour that’s hard to describe. In some light, it looked pink and in others, red; it was like a red cabbage or beetroot colour, a purple-pinky red. It was a light-dependent thing, which necessitated a mix of colours and layers, so depending on the light, it would either pick up the red or pink”, Woodhead explained.

Another physical characteristic of The Vision are the patterns on his head, which required a lot of precision as he was “born from a computer”. To successfully achieve this, the artists cyber-scanned Bettany’s head and used a 3D printer to create clear plastic prosthetics instead of sculpting them by hand either in clay or plasticine.

“We originally tested facial prosthetics as well, but Paul has delicate features, so any prosthetics on top would take away from them, so we just ended up with a prosthetic forehead, back-of-head and neck, leaving the face free, which I painted to match the prosthetic”, Williams explained.

All the process took two hours. Just two hours to get Bettany ready.

Um, anyone else feels that’s super fast?! Makeup artists are undercover superheroes.

“I will admit the pressure was on at the time, because there were millions of people around the world who all had a vested interest in the character, so the responsibility was huge, but the fans seem happy, the critics were happy and Paul was happy, so we appear to have got away with it!” Woodhead said.

I salute you, guys. You did an outstanding job with the whole look of The Vision!

Take a look at the pics and you can read the whole, detailed interview here.

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