God Might Be Along For The Ride In Supernatural Season 11!

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Who’s ready for Supernatural season 11? We’re on season 11 already? Ain’t it funny how time flies?

Well, as you probably know, and as per usual, the season finale left the Winchesters in a bit of a sticky spot – the world thrown into peril because one of our lovably co-dependant brothers couldn’t bear to see the other die. Sound familiar? They never learn, do they…

Right, so this time the stakes have been upped once more! Since the actual Biblical Apocalypse was diverted at the end of season 5, it’s been pretty difficult to make each threat seem bigger and badder than the last, but Jared Padalecki teases that they might have a killer surprise for us this season!

Since the show went Biblical with the introduction of Angel of the Lord and fan-favourite Castiel (Misha Collins) back in season 4, the story’s always been that God himself left the angels in charge of Heaven and disappeared – pretty bleak, I know.

One of the most popular fan theories surrounding the show is that the prophet Chuck (Rob Benedict) was in fact The Man Upstairs, and had the show ended after series 5 like creator Erik Kripke originally intended, this would have been a brilliant, subtle Easter egg! Chuck’s voiceover at the end of “Swan Songstill haunts me to this day…

This time, though, it seems like Supernatural might finally have to bite the bullet and introduce God himself! The Darkness released by the Winchesters at the end of season 10 was, according to Death (Julian Richings) himself, a pre-Biblical entity fought off by God himself – no other being would have the power to defeat it!

“I think [the Darkness] certainly opens the door for Lucifer and/or God to pop up,” Jared Padalecki said. “We’re certainly going back to that and going a bit more biblical and having our take on the writings that didn’t make it into the Bible.”

Still not learning from their mistakes, it seems like the boys might have to turn to Metatron (Curtis Armstrong) once more too: “Since we know God’s scribe, we may have to invite him along for the ride.”

The road so far’s been a long one, but it seems there’s plenty of excitement to look forward to!

You can catch the season premiere of Supernatural Wednesday, Oct. 7 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

Here’s a teaser to whet your appetites!

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