And The Winner Is…: Stephen Amell Surprises At WWE’s SummerSlam

Credit: WWE
Credit: WWE

Let’s take a moment and talk about how impressive Stephen Amell is. And I’m not just talking about his sheer physique, which is extraordinary. I’m also talking about his ambition and willpower.

By now you should be familiar with the story of how professional wrestler Stardust made an enemy out of the Arrow star. Their feud has moved from social media to an actual fist fight pretty quickly. So when Amell asked WWE chief Triple H for a match against Stardust at SummerSlam, people were skeptical. What kind of performance could an actor bring to the ring, especially during an event like SummerSlam?

As it turns out Amell would surprise the world once again.

In the days leading up to the event, Amell’s co-stars and friends took to Twitter to share encouraging words. The cast that wrestles together stays together or something like that. Either way it’s a sweet gesture that continued well into the match. Former colleague Colin Donnel even cheered ringside.

The scheduled tag team match between Stephen Amell and Neville vs Stardust and King Barrett ended up being the third match of the night. Amell had already teased the fans that he’d be bringing his Arrow jacket to Brooklyn – he forwent the leather pants for mobility reasons.

When it was time for his entrance, the Arrow actor stole the show. It was without a doubt the first match that really called for a reaction from the crowd, which is always important at any sport event. Especially New York is said to be a very passionate crowd.


While we appreciated the nod to his television character, we appreciated him wrestling without a shirt even more. Considering that Amell is not a professional athlete, he held himself well compared to the pro-wrestlers. He looked comfortable – even though he probably wasn’t, nerves and all – and fit in easily.

The match started with a brawl between Neville and Barrett but once Stardust was tagged in, he demanded to face the Arrow himself. With a really impressive jump on and from the top rope Amell entered the ring. I honestly believe he must have been a kangaroo in a former life.

As someone who grew up with the WWE I could tell Amell was out of his depth. He did take quite the beating, but was able to surprise Stardust, the crowd and the whole world with some pretty sweet moves. In one instance he managed to reverse Stardust’s attempt at a backdrop and was able to bring in a nice hip toss. We did not see that coming.

Amell probably gave the Arrow producers a scare by getting up on the top rope and leaping out of the ring, taking down both Stardust and King Barrett. Eventually Team Amell won the match after a Red Arrow delivered by Neville.


We do have to give a round of applause to Cody Rhodes who has done such a fantastic performance as Stardust, and a solid one in the last few weeks. It takes a lot of confidence and talent to play such a deranged gimmick and he does it incredibly well. Props to him calling Amell “Oliver” during the match. It was as irritating as it was amusing.

I have seen my fair share of celebrities involved in WWE matches and Stephen Amell has been spectacular. He has been a fan of the WWE and came to Brooklyn prepared to take risks and give it 150 percent – and that paid off. There is no way not to be impressed with Stephen’s performance. Keep in mind that the actor did not have the time to take on the training required to step into the ring. He can certainly tick this experience off his bucket list.

Was that it for the Hollywood actor? Is he done with wrestling for now? Amell is a never-say-never kinda guy and in an interview with the WWE after his match he said that he wasn’t sure if his rivalry with Stardust was really over. Intriguing… I’d certainly love to see more of Amell in the WWE, but he needs to train properly, which his current filming schedule does not really allow. But then again I doubted he would step into the ring in the first place and he did and stunned millions of people. So I guess we will see where this goes.

Bonus: Watch John Barrowman’s reaction to Stephen Amell’s match. Because you can never have enough Barrowman in your life.

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