Amell Crushes Stardust At WWE RAW And Sets Himself Up For Summer Slam

Credit: WWE
Credit: WWE

Yesterday evening, Stephen Amell made his way to Seattle to appear as a guest star on WWE’s Monday Night RAW. But what started as a friendly night out ended with the culmination of an online feud.

We have previously reported on the tension between the Arrow actor and professional wrestler “Stardust” Cody Rhodes. As everyone expected, the two did not kiss and make up, but rather took the evening to take their rivalry one step further.

So let’s go back to the start. The evening started innocent enough, with Amell calling it the “best night ever”. In an interview with WWE’s Renee Young he said that he decided to sit ringside because he wanted to see the show and that he had been a fan practically forever. On his feud with Stardust Amell had to say that he thinks “he is a little mixed up, to say the least”, but that it was “all good”.

Shit hit the fan after a match between Neville and King Barrett. Stardust first took over the ring to attack Neville, then focused his attention on tonight’s guest star. What followed was a series of stares, but unlike the previous time Amell attended RAW, this time Stardust took charge. Watch the action below:

If that leap over the top rope wasn’t impressive enough, the spear that followed was pretty well executed. And that Diggle poster in the background might just be my favorite thing, ever. Always a trustworthy and loyal sidekick.  Two worlds collide.

The turn of events certainly proved one thing: Stephen Amell is not a man to be messed with. However, the night was far from over. Backstage Amell was faced with a less than happy Triple H, who made it very clear that the Arrow star was an actor, not a wrestler and should therefore stay out of the ring. “I get it, I’m an actor, I’m also a man”, Amell told him. “If some guy is gonna put his hands on me, I’m gonna fight back.”

I have to applaud Amell at this point because being put in my place by Triple H would have caused me to pee my pants and start crying but he kept his head up. This head to head earned him a match at WWE’s Summer Slam. Stephen Amell and Neville will face Stardust and King Barrett on August 23:

Am I excited? Most definitely! Do I think it’s a smart move? We will see. Amell would not have made this decision if he wasn’t absolutely sure of his abilities. If he got hurt it could have catastrophic consequences, but he is aware of them. I was still just a little bit disappointed not to see him in the Arrow suit – that suit is pretty awesome after all.

Credit: WWE
Credit: WWE

Catch WWE’s Summer Slam on August 23 at 8/7 C on Pay-Per-View or WWE Network.

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