4 Your Consideration: Nine Reasons To Get Excited About Season 9 Of Doctor Who

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Season Nine is coming, Whovians. Get ready for adventures in time and space, monsters, the puns, and the tears. Here’s nine reasons to get excited for the new season of Doctor Who, which premieres September 19.

1. Jenna Coleman


There was speculation through season eight that Coleman was going to exit the series, something she confessed was in fact the plan. Thank goodness she changed her mind! Clara is one of the most complex, interesting, and fun companions of The Doctor’s entire run. Now that she’s full-time in the TARDIS I can’t wait to see how her relationship with The Doctor deepens (more on that later) and what new adventures are in store for her.  Plus, look at her handling that bazooka (or something) like a freaking action star!


2. “Fires of Pompeii” explained


As soon as Capaldi was cast, there were questions raised about his early adventure in the Whoniverse as a marble dealer in Pompeii. This season we’ll finally get some answers about exactly where The Doctor got his newest face from. Could we possibly see fellow “Fires of Pompeii” guest star Karen Gillan again? Or even, given that he and Russell T. Davis were seen in Cardiff recently, David Tennant?


3. Missy Returns


The Master will always be The Doctor’s forever foe. Watching the two Time Lords spar and attempt to one-up each other is always a good time. But when The Master is a woman and she’s a sassy sociopath who has the hots for The Doctor, it’s even more fun. Michelle Gomez’s iteration of The Doctor’s former friend is hands down one of the best. I’m intrigued to learn how she survived vaporization in the season 8 finale and to see if she’s lost or gained any crazy in the interim.


4. Maisie Williams and guest stars galore


The Game of Thrones actress is just one of many guest stars appearing in season 9. Rebecca Front, Ingrid Oliver as Osgood, Jemma Redgrave as Kate Stewart, Jovian Wade as Rigsy, Reece Shearsmith, and fellow GOT actor Paul Kaye are also on the schedule, just to name a few. This is all exciting for many reasons but chief among them are Osgood is alive(!) and Williams has got to be playing someone particularly special to The Doctor. See below.


5. The Doctor Reunites with his Granddaughter?


I know Steven Moffat has said Williams isn’t playing The Doctor’s granddaughter Susan or anyone else he knows. But rule number one of Doctor Who is Steven Moffat lies (rule number two is be prepared to cry at any time). And even if Williams isn’t Susan, she could be The Doctor’s great-granddaughter. That would leave the door open for Carole Ann Ford, who originally played Susan, to reprise the role herself as she and Capaldi are keen for her to do.  All I’m saying is pretty much since season eight ended Capaldi has been talking about how much he/The Doctor would love to see Susan again so if it doesn’t happen he’s been stringing us along for nothing.


6. Peter Capaldi

From the moment he was announced as the new Doctor just over two years ago and stepped out on stage, Capaldi has been THE Doctor. He encapsulates everything we love about the Time Lord and has reinvigorated the series with his obvious love for the show and the character. He may in fact be the best thing to ever happen to Doctor Who. In season nine I’m anticipating even more world-class acting and hilarious moments of grumpiness. Also, he’s got a gorgeous red velvet coat and at some point plays the guitar. Swoon    


7. Zygons and Daleks

The Zygons are back! And it seems they’re being mean to little children! #DoctorWho #DrWho #whovian #fandom A photo posted by Doctor Who Official (@bbcdoctorwho) on

Daleks and Zygons are classic Doctor Who monsters, and while The Twelfth Doctor has encountered the Daleks, he’s going to get a proper showdown with them in season 9. Fan consensus following the second trailer is The Doctor and Clara are visiting the Dalek homeworld, Skaro, which explains why we see the classic versions of the villains. Capaldi loves blowing up Daleks too so maybe some of that as well? He’ll also get his first crack at the Zygons as they make their return for the first time since the 50th special. Dare we say this will connect us to…


8. When/how did Twelve show up to save Gallifrey?


Remember how our first glimpse of Capaldi as Twelve was in “Day of the Doctor” and it was just those piercing eyes and attack eyebrows? Season nine could be when we find out how Twelve ended up with all his former selves, and I’m expecting it to be epic. Could there be a cameo from another Doctor? Will Clara go with him to save Gallifrey? I need answers!


9. Whouffaldi


There’s the promo photo of The Doctor who doesn’t like physical contact holding his companion’s hand and said companion is looking at him like he’s her everything. Then there’s this quote in the second trailer: “Just The Doctor and Clara Oswald in the TARDIS.” Compare that with this one describing an indisputably canon couple: “The Doctor in the TARDIS with Rose Tyler, just as it should be.” Twelve and Clara are reaching a new level of love. Steven Moffat ships it. The BBC obviously ships it because hello spinny hug in the first trailer and cuddly hug in the second. Capaldi said, in character, that he loves her. And Coleman is, quite simply, the captain of the Whouffaldi ship. So yeah, get excited for some more heart eyes IRL. September 19th, come faster!


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