Who Has Custody Of This Rat? Margot Robbie Says She Kept Jared Leto’s Joker Rat

Credit: Warner Brothers
Credit: Warner Brothers

In the continuing saga of Jared Leto’s method Joker, we have an update about The Rat.

Ah yes. Let me remind you of this lovely tale.

During the filming of the hotly anticipated Suicide Squad, Leto apparently embraced the Joker and, well, had some fun with it. He sent gifts to the cast like a dead hog with video attachment and bullets to Will Smith.

He also sent Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn) a love letter with a rat.

Why a rat? It’s probably easier to get than Harley’s preferred pet of choice: hyenas.

Can you imagine hyenas running around on a movie set? It wouldn’t end well for anyone involved.

Jai Courtney said that eventually the rat went to live with famed director, Guillermo del Toro. Out of all possible options, it made the most sense for del Toro to take possession of the infamous rat. He probably got a kick out of possessing it.

I hope he really does love that rat because it’s not the one Leto gave Robbie.

According to Robbie, she kept the rat.

In an interview with Elle, Robbie talked about Leto’s gift for her.

Named Rat Rat. (“Original!” says Robbie.) It was given to her by Jared Leto, or rather, Jared Leto’s character in the upcoming Batman flick Suicide Squad, in which he plays the Joker. Several crew members suggested killing it, but Robbie kept the rat because, “If Harley [her character in Suicide Squad] got something from Joker, she’d probably cherish it.” Rat Rat now dines on organic berries from Whole Foods.


As in she got more than one?

How many Rat Rat’s did Leto send Robbie?!

Well however many, one of Rat Rat’s brethren went to del Toro. (Or someone from the Suicide Squad set was messing with the director, but who would do that? That’s like kicking a puppy.)

Also shame on the crew members for suggesting to kill Rat Rat. Hopefully, he’s a lot happier in his new forever home with Robbie.

(As for the rest of them? Who knows where they went?)

Suicide Squad comes out in 2016.

Bec Heim