The Four Cast Talk Legacy In This Fantastic Featurette

Credit: Marvel/20th Century Fox

In this latest featurette, the Fantastic Four cast explore the rich history of the well-loved franchise they’re stepping into, as well as teasing what looks like is shaping up to be a truly fantastic film.

Whiplash star Miles Teller, breaking into the superhero world as the newly rejuvenated Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic, claims the Four are firm fan favourites because “they are the first superheroes to really have problems.” Indeed, Teller’s character has all of Tony Stark’s genius with none of the funds.

This movie has been described by director Josh Trank at SDCC this year as close to a prequel, starting with the characters as kids in school rather than the adults they were in the 2005 movie.

Michael B. Jordan, taking up the torch as the new Johnny Storm, waxes lyrical about the magnitude of this film: “Fantastic Four is one of the most awesome origin stories to do, because you have four different beginnings, taking us all from when we were younger, then maturing into the Fantastic Four.”

The youth of the characters this time around is one of the key differences that will let this reboot make a mark of its own in the history of these iconic characters. Reboots are not something superhero franchises are afraid of, as we know from the news that there will be a third Spider-Man franchise kicking off next year with a confirmed role in Civil War and his own movie in 2017. At least, unlike Spider-Man, Fantastic Four is changing things up this time around, with Kate Mara’s Susan Storm as an adopted member of her House of Cards co-star Reg E. Cathey’s family.

There’s a lot of emphasis on the Four bonding after their shared traumatic experience, and, super-heroics and awesome special effects aside, this movie looks like it’s going to focus on the more human dimensions of the story – family bonds and friendships: “that’s why people will connect to it on a human level,” enthuses Mara.

You can catch Fantastic Four in theatres in August 6 in the US and August 7 in the UK!

Sneh Rupra