The Final Countdown: President Obama Makes His Final Visit To Jon Stewart

Credit: Comedy Central
Credit: Comedy Central

With Jon Stewart’s time on The Daily Show coming to a close, a lot of repeat guests are making their final appearances.

Why? Well, unlike Stephen Colbert, Stewart seems to be hanging up the late night comedy reigns more permanently. It’s understandable since he’s been doing this for sixteen years.

(And yes as it gets closer we realized that we will really miss Stewart. I don’t know how I will survive Stewart’s final show. Probably, definitely more tears than when Letterman left.)

August 6th, the date of Stewart’s final show, approaches. With that approaching date, President Barack Obama has announced his seventh appearance on the show. This will be his third visit on the show since assuming the Presidency back in 2008. Before then, he visited as a member of the Senate.

Obama has created an image of being one of the more personable presidents, especially on the talk show circuit. His interviews are always interesting to watch with them.

Obama and Stewart’s talks over the years, especially post Obama becoming president, have always been very interesting to watch. It’s mainly due to the mutual respect from both parties. With all the things going on in the news lately – the new Iran Nuclear deal and the tragedy in Tennessee – the pair will definitely have a lot to talk about on Tuesday.

Trevor Noah will take over as Stewart’s replacement on September 28th. Who really knows what to expect from the new Daily Show? All we know is that the face of late night television is definitely changing.

Currently, Comedy Central is streaming all 2000+ episodes of Stewart’s run on The Daily Show in the lead-up for Stewart’s final show. So if you want to get all your Stewart related feels out, then I suggest you check out one of those.

President Obama will make his visit on Tuesday, July 21st. Stewart will make his Daily Show exit on August 6th.

Bec Heim