SDCC 2015: We Pick Some Brains At The iZombie Panel

Credit: Entertainment Weekly
Credit: Entertainment Weekly

If there was an award for the most adorable panel, I think the honor would go to iZombie because that cast could not be any cuter if they tried. Plus Rob Thomas gave us some epic spoilers for the upcoming season 2 of the show!

  • For all those Bliv shippers that are hanging in there, Rob Thomas said that “The zombies on the offensive in season 1 are going to be on the defensive,” which will “make strange bedfellows of Blaine and Liv, who are both concerned about the dwindling zombies in season 2.”
  • Also in regards to Liv’s current social situation: “Everyone does hate Liv right now,” Thomas said. “As we start season 2, Major is still not quite over the fact that Liv did not let him in on her zombie secret. Of course, Peyton [Aly Michalka] is still on her walkabout around Europe as we start season 2. For reasons that we’ve all probably seen, she’s a bit on the outs with any surviving family members that she has.” Mainly because if Liv had donated her blood, her brother would definitely have been zombiefied.
  • For those fans itching for some spoilers, here are first round of brains for season 2: Episode 1: Grumpy Old Man Brains; Episode 2: Frat Boy Brain; Episode 3: Real Housewife of Seattle Brain.
  • David Anders also mentioned that Blaine’s character is very similar to himself, which I am 100% totally okay with.

One of the highlights was definitely forcing half the cast to attempt to speak in Rose McIver’s New Zealand accent. For the record, none of the cast is very good at speaking in a New Zealand accent. So A for effort?

Overall, any one in the audience could tell you that this cast has a blast filming this show. The chemistry between everyone is palpable, and everyone at the panel was absolutely stunning. So buckle up iZombie fans we have one hell of a season ahead of us!

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