SDCC 2015: Warner Bros Presents – A Night Of DC Entertainment

Credit: Verena Cote / 4YE
Credit: Verena Cote / 4YE

We love to spend our Comic Con Saturdays in Hall H.

There is nothing like it, be it the spirit of the fans, the impressive guest stars on stage, or the amount of information released. Hall H always offers a memorable time.

This year’s Saturday night continued the tradition of Warner Bros. and DC’s Night of Entertainment, offering insight into our favorite super hero shows. The evening began with the introduction of this year’s host Ian Somerhalder.

While it seemed like a random choice (last year’s host Stephen Amell was a rather obvious choice), I did not mind it one bit.

The first show to take over the stage was the show that started it all: Arrow. Stephen Amell managed to break the internet in the first few minutes by appearing in a new suit, and it is incredibly nice to look at. In a lengthy monologue he reveals that Oliver will indeed become the Green Arrow this season. As Marc Guggenheim just revealed, this is also the titled of the season four premiere.

Executive producer, Andrew Kreisberg talked about the tone that the new season will take on: “When the season starts he’s in a much better place, he’s happy, he is in love. That feeling kind of infuses all characters and there’s a little bit more fun this year, a little bit more humor, but it still takes place on rooftops and still shooting arrows and still takes place in the rain.”

We are furthermore promised some more jokes in the lair!

Marc Guggenheim further confirmed some more characters we will be seeing in season four: Anarky will be joining Damien Darhk on the side of the “baddies” this year. Mr. Terrific will join the show as a friend of Felicity’s, who he is working closely with. Don’t fret! This does not mean there is a love triangle coming up, because Mr. Terrific will be gay.

When David Ramsey was teased about his hiatus scruff, he let slip that Diggle’s costume change for next season will include a helmet. It’s not quite a tight leather suit but we will take it for now. And for those of you who may or may not have seen some pictures that may or may not have leaked, doesn’t it look badass?

As you all should know Olicity has been crowned the Ship of the Year at the MTV Fandom Awards, and both Emily Bett Rickards and Stephen Amell could not be more proud.

“The fact that so many of you reached out and made this happen for Emily and myself and the show, it really does mean a lot”, says Amell. “Not quite an Emmy but it means a lot.”

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Shortly after this the red speedster and his team took over Hall H.

The second season of The Flash finds us dealing with the fallout from last season’s finale. It will also introduce us to Earth Two and everything that entails. We can also look forward to character additions such as Jay Garrick and, drumroll, Wally West!

Candice Patton explained that Iris will become a crucial part of Team Flash now that she knows about Barry’s identity. She said, “Cisco and Caitlin are the science and the tech behind what’s happening at Star Labs, and Iris is more of heart and earth. She can navigate Central City and talk to people on the streets and get stories out of people that other people can’t get.”

Speaking of the show’s kickass ladies, Danielle Panabaker is beyond excited to become Killer Frost one day, and would love to see more of her.

When it comes to villains the show has never lacked them and will continue to provide the most amazing ones out there. The producers teased that both Gorilla Grodd and the Snark siblings will be back next season.

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Following The Flash the cast and producers of the newest DC spin-off Legends of Tomorrow took over the stage, featuring a lot of familiar faces.

“It’s a magical world filled with mystery and possibility”, said Brandon Routh about the pull that the super hero genre has on him.

It is a diverse world at that.

We are all incredibly happy to see that Sara Lance will be coming back from the dead, but Caity Lotz promises that there will be consequences to those actions.

“We’ve seen with Thea on Arrow that the person who goes into the pit isn’t necessarily the person that comes out”, Lotz teased. “She was already pretty crazy so I feel like, now after that, I at least want her to go nuts.”

When DC’s Geoff Johns asked Lotz why she considers Sara to be the most dangerous member of the group, Caity answered because Sara “is not afraid of dying”. This makes her the most reckless part of the team, she has nothing to lose.

Wentworth Miller talked about Leonard Snark’s difficulties working with a team, as his character is used to be the driving force.

He said, “I think that’s what’s going to be exciting for an audience to see is that these guys have to work together but it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.”

Moreover Andrew Kreisberg confirmed that time traveling will be an incredibly important part of the show. The group will meet Arthur Darvill’s Rip Hunter and big bad Vandal Savange in “several different time zones” and that those time zones might have an effect on each other.

The producers also announced a new addition to the show in the form of Hawkman, most definitely a love interest for Ciara Renée’s Hawkgirl.

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The evening then took a darker turn with Gotham taking over Hall H. Just last year I was fortunate enough to be one of the first people to take a look at the show’s pilot and I was pleasantly surprised. So now everyone is looking forward to season two! And what’s in store for the new season?

“Season one was pretty much about old school Gotham, about Gotham in its early days and the old school kind of crime”, said executive producer Bruno Heller. He then teased that this season will bring the rise of the villains. “Crime is getting more theatrical, more grotesque, stories are becoming more larger, more epic as the city starts to decline into chaos.”

It’s not only the bad side that will flourish next season. Ben McKenzie said that the good side is welcoming some new face as well. “There’ll be new heroes introduced on the good guys’ side”, he promised.

The panelists also talked about the relationship between Bruce and Alfred and how it’s going to change in the upcoming season. “They’re gonna go through a little bit of a rocky patch”, said David Mazouz . “But once they get through that, he’s really going to start seeing him as a mentor, and they’re going to be on the same team.”

Our favorite Catwoman-in-training Selina Kyle is going to have a hard time choosing sides. “She’s going to be trying to figure out where she stands, whether she’s a bad guy or a good guy”, explained Camren Bicondova. She then teased that we are going to see “a big part of her background”.

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To finish up DC’s Night of Entertainment the Supergirl cast and creators took over the stage, before screening the pilot. Ali Adler, executive producer of Supergirl believes Kara’s story to be “a story that needed to be told”. I believe there can never be too many strong female characters on television. “You come in and see her as female and you’ll go out and remember her as powerful”, continues Adler. “So her gender doesn’t really matter, she’s a badass.”

Her male counterparts could not agree more. “I’ve been lucky enough to participate in shows with a lot of male leads at the center and it just felt like it was time for a female lead in the center of one of these shows”, said Greg Berlanti.

The producers also talked about the casting process and how Melissa Benoist was the first girl they had audition for the role, and they immediately knew that she “had all the colors” they wanted.

“I’m putting on tights and it feels like I’m putting on something like I used to when i took dance class”, Benoist said about donning the iconic Supergirl costume for the first time. “But then I put on the cape and I turn around and I look in the mirror and I see the S and something clicks inside. It really does transform internally. It’s impossible not to feel empowered and to feel hope and strength and brave when I’m wearing it. I feel like a different person.”

The producers also took the chance to announce a few characters we might be seeing on Supergirl this season, such as Reactron and Livewire. Then they welcomed Peter Facinelli to the stage who will join the show as Maxwell Lord.

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Five shows, all of them centered around super heroes.

It is indeed a great time to be alive. Whether you support Team Arrow in their war against injustice or follow Barry Allen’s incredible story, whether you want to fight crime alongside James Gordon, travel through time with Rip Hunter, or casually kick ass like Kara – DC’s incredible television programs offer something for everyone.

Is it October yet?!

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