SDCC 2015: The 100 Panel Gives Us So Many Feels About Season Three

Credit: Stephanie Coats/4YE
Credit: Stephanie Coats/4YE

Well The 100 cast graced Comic Con with it’s flawless presence again this year. True to The 100 fashion they revealed very little, but at least it was entertaining.

The panel began with the cast giving the crowd a standing ovation for supporting them, and then dwindled into many fans asking about the moral dilemmas the show continues to present every episode.

Credit: Stephanie Coats/4YE
Credit: Stephanie Coats/4YE


Once you got past the redundancy we were treated to some juice tid-bits to what to expect next season:

  • According to Jason Rothenberg “We are going to have our first time jump between seasons, we’re going to pick things up a couple months after Clarke bailed on her people.”  Eliza Taylor goes on to elaborate about Clarke’s mental state at the end of the season, stating “What [Clarke] did at the end of the season was so huge and traumatic,” Taylor said. “She’s running away, which is very un-Clarke-like. When we pick things up, I think she’s going to be losing it a little… She’s not dealing with it particularly well.”
  • In regards to romance it seems Clarke’s love life is going to be on hold. Eliza Taylor “I don’t think I’m thinking about anyone at this point,” even with the return of Lexa for Season 3. Bob Morley confirms that Bellamy is going to be a bit pissed at Clarke for abandoning him
  • On the other hand Octavia is trying to find her place in the world yet again. According to MarieAvgeropoulos, “Through Lincoln [Ricky Whittle], she really found her place within the world with the Grounders and they really brought out the warrior in her. I think she’ll have a hard time going back to [Camp Jaha] and have some resentment toward them.”
  • Lindsey Morgan’s character Raven will be dealing with issues of her own in Season 3, stating: “Emotionally, she’s really living her life without Finn and living with that grief. There’s someone new in her life and that’s a whole new obstacle for her. You’re going to see a whole new Raven. She’s changed and she’s trying to rebuild herself piece by piece.”
  • Finally, according to Rothenberg we’re going to be exploring the effects of PTSD this season because everyone is going to be impacted by it. However, the big ark this season is going to focus on the [A.I.] story. Rothenberg states that “We started the show as a real hardcore sci-fi show in space. Obviously we lost that and I really missed that. This lets us get back to the hardcore sci-fi.”

So what do you guys think? Excited? Anxious? Terrified your fave is going to die?

Credit: Stephanie Coats/4YE
Credit: Stephanie Coats/4YE

I can tell you that I am in need of some serious shipper fuel to make it to the season 3 premiere.

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