Round ‘Em Up: Agent Carter’s Second Season Will Have More Bad Guys

Credit: ABC/Marvel
Credit: ABC/Marvel

We are learning all sorts of fun information about Agent Carter‘s hard won second season.

First, there is confirmation of James D’Arcy and Enver Gjokaj’s returns. Then, we get a look at the special San Diego Comic Con poster. Now we have more wonderful news!

Agent Carter will have more bad guys in its second season.

More importantly, to comic book fans at least, you may recognize them.

Michelle Fazekas was in a very teasing mood with Entertainment WeeklyShe gave a little preview of what we can expect of the antagonists that Peggy Carter will face in the second season.

“People who are fans of the Marvel comic book universe will recognize our villain – and there’s more than one villain,” Fazekas said. “We’re certainly taking inspiration from the comic book universe, so anybody who knows that will be rewarded.”


Who could it be? I’m dying to know, or I suppose we can figure it out.

(My personal favorite idea? Bringing in the fake Captain America, but that would probably work better in the 50’s. Because Commie Smashing Cap.)

Naturally, Marvel are known for changing around origins of characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole. You don’t need to look any farther than Peggy Carter herself to see that. Peggy was a relatively minor character in the comics as a whole. In fact, she only has recently been expanded in comics due to her popular from her MCU counterpart.

Aren’t comics weird sometimes like that?

There are a million great villains to bring forth though. I’m excited to see who will be brought in to give Peggy trouble in the second season.

Of course, we all know she will be okay.

She’s Peggy Carter. She’ll always kick ass and save the day.

Agent Carter will premiere in 2016.

Bec Heim