Right In The Feels: Pixar Hits It Out Of The Park With Full Length The Good Dinosaur Trailer

Credit: Pixar
Credit: Pixar

After a pretty rocky start, The Good Dinosaur seems to be back on track.

With a November release date, it’s about time we get a trailer for the second original Pixar film in a year. (I know. I was surprised, too.)

Today, the newest trailer for the film was released and, much like the teaser, it proved to us that Pixar’s strengths come from an original story versus something recycled.

The premise of the film centers around the questions: “What if the dinosaurs didn’t die?”

Unlike the Jurassic Park franchise, The Good Dinosaur presents a less bite-y answer. Arlo the Apatosaurus embarks on his own journey of self-discovery and becomes friends with the human, Spot.

Let me tell you, the trailer will induce a wave of feels. Let’s watch.

First, Arlo’s design is absolutely ADORABLE! I want a plushie and I want it now. I mean look at the sweet face little guy.

Second, the trailer has minimal dialogue, but it captures the story we are being told. Arlo and Spot’s relationship looks to evolve into a brotherhood, which is sweet.

Third, look at this animation! I mean the characters look amazing, but the details for the backgrounds? The set pieces? It looks absolutely stunning. I mean just watch the level of detail here.

The scene with Arlo and the fireflies? It was absolutely beautiful.

The last time I was this stunned by a Pixar trailer? I think it was with Brave.

Sure the movie itself was meh, but damn if that trailer didn’t catch our attention.

The cast for the movie is vast. Raymond Ochoa, a 13-year-old, will voice Arlo. The rest of the cast includes Anna Paquin, Jeffrey Wright, Frances McDormand, and Sam Elliott.

With Inside Out having broken bank and winning the scores of praise, The Good Dinosaur seems to be a very smart move for Pixar. I can’t wait to see what story they come up with next.

The Good Dinosaur will be released on November 25th.

Bec Heim