iZombie’s Liv Moore Is Coming To A Collection Near You: Yours!


If you’re a fan of iZombie and you’re fortunate enough to be going to San Diego Comic-Con next week, you might want to head on over to the booth Diamond Select Toys will be occupying. Why? There’s going to be an action figure of Liv Moore! Actually, there already is and Entertainment Weekly has checked out the 7″ figurine (and given it two chopsticks up!).

Credit: Diamond Select Toys/EW

Your very own Liv will come with a coffee cup, a kidney bowl-looking dish topped with brains, a bottle of hot sauce (natch), and a lead pipe. She will be available for pre-order with your local comic shop and online later in the month (presumably with Diamond directly: here’s their online store).

But wait, there’s more! Apparently, there are plans to immortalise more of the crew in plastic. Imagine: Ravi, Blaine, Clive, Major, Peyton (maybe Lowell too, pretty please, for old times’ sake?); the whole gang could be yours. EW suggests campaigning for your favourites, but I say, campaign for them all! Heck, it doesn’t look like we’re ever/soon going to be able to collect a full set of Marvel’s Avengers, so let’s see if we can’t just get the entire iZombie crew, irrespective of where they stand on the great good zombie/bad zombie divide.

Within the first five minutes of my watching the first episode of iZombie, I knew I was going to like it. The tone, the characters, the humour, the Vancouver actors, the EVERYTHING, I was on board for wherever this ride was going to be taking me. It almost took me to SDCC this year. Do me proud, fellow nerds, do me proud. I’ll do my bit from up here – create a hashtag perhaps? Come on, who wouldn’t want to collect these lovable lugs?

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