Descend Into Hell: First Teaser Of A&E’s Damien Released

Credit: A&E
Credit: A&E

The A&E Network’s newest show, Damien has had an interesting history.

Originally planned to be a show on Lifetime (for some strange reason), Damien was moved to air on the A&E Network recently. It stars Merlin‘s Bradley James as the titular character, who is the Anti-Christ child from The Omen.

The 10-part first season takes place twenty-five years after the original film (don’t overthink the timeline). Damien is now a man of thirty, who is haunted by the strange course his life has taken.

Today, we got our first look at the series in the video below. You can see some nods to the original film, such as the infamous red tricycle.

Is it just me? Or does this look absolutely amazing?!

Bradley James is one of my personal favorite actors. (Although going from King Arthur to the Anti-Christ is an interesting career change.) I’m super excited to see him in such a great looking show. I can already tell that it has a very cinematic vibe to it.

That is what showrunner Gene Mazzara in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter said he was hoping to bring in the show.

Walking Dead was such a great experience and it was such a high level of filmmaking and that was certainly something I wanted to bring to Damien.”

The Walking Dead is known for the cinematic like quality of the world. So I’m excited to see what his experience on the show Mazzara will bring to Damien.

Damien will also not be a straight up horror show, but would also weave in some conspiracy elements as well.

He said: “This really has a high-level of conspiracy. It plays as a conspiracy thriller because everybody wants Damien on their side or eliminated. There are a lot of different groups vying to either control him or eliminate him. There’s a thriller aspect to it, which is tricky and something that I haven’t done before and that comes directly out of the original film.”

I can see the conspiracy thriller part and why it would fit into Damien. You have people (or something worse) trying to either stop or start the Apocalypse. You also have a very human Anti-Christ who must choose his own side. Damien may have the devil in him, but he is still “very much human” as well, according to Mazzara.

The fact that it clearly pays tribute and references the source material makes us excited. I’m known as a wimp for horror movies, so I may be watching this property with the lights on.

The series is, according to Mazzara, “very much a sequel” to the original film and will reference what has come before it (not so much in the other two film sequels but the 1976 film is definite).

Fans of the original Omen film will be happy about that.

Also don’t expect Damien to be kept in the dark for long, that’s coming out “the first episode” according to Mazzara. Thank God. I hate it when it drags out too long.

Damien will air on A&E during the network’s 2015-2016 season.

Bec Heim