Another Lucifer Cast Change – Does This Bode Well?

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After the non-starter Constantine was (and I really liked it), deep down, I feel like DC Comics/Vertigo owes me. Yes, iZombie does knock it out of the park quite well, but the tough go our favourite Hellblazer had on TV still rankles with me. Ever since it was announced that Tom Ellis landed the title role in the Fox Network show Lucifer a few months ago, I have been looking forward to it (because, HELLO: Tom Ellis! Did you not see Miranda? Oh, and Oncers are going to remember him as Robin Hood).

Another reason to raise the flag of hope is that this character came from the imagination of Neil Gaiman via the Sandman comic series, which in turn spawned the stand-alone spin-off Lucifer. By all reports, Fox’s Lucifer Morningstar might be in line with the comic versions as a former king of Hell who retires to Los Angeles to run a piano bar. There’s a quote on Wiki from the comic/graphic novel writer Mike Carey that gives me hope of Lucifer’s bad-assery:

“We play safe. Most of us do, most of the time… but Lucifer doesn’t know the meaning of safe, and he never bothers to look down at the tramlines. He goes wherever the hell he likes, picks his fights where he finds them and generally wins… following [his] own will and [his] own instincts to the very end of the line, no matter what the obstacles are.”

This might be all DC/Vertigo’s version of Lucifer has in common with the upcoming TV show though, because, unlike in the comics/graphic novels, this Lucifer is going to be a civilian crime solver alongside Hawaii-Five-O and Chicago Fire‘s Lauren German, who’ll be playing a homicide detective called Chloe Dance. Yup, it’s another police/crime procedural. Joy. Oh, and the piano bar idea has been given an overhaul to nightclub, likely to sex it all up against procedural dreariness.

The first recasting that took place a few months ago was for the character of Maze, Lucifer’s lover. Lina Esco was originally cast but by the time the pilot was shot, Maze was played by Spartacus actress Lesley-Anne Brandt (who I hope a) is now gone from The Librarians as a result of this casting where she plays Lamia, and b) doesn’t use her atrocious English accent. In fairness, Matt Frewer’s was almost as bad).

Credit: Deadline

Now, most recently Deadline reports that Sleepy Hollow’s and Resurrection‘s Nicholas Gonzalez, who is/was in the pilot episode as Dan, a homicide detective colleague of Chloe’s who doesn’t much care for Lucifer, has been replaced by True Blood‘s and Arrow‘s Kevin Alejandro (pictured, who reminds me so much of Jonathan Rhys Meyers, agree?).

Recastings happen, and they are part and parcel of the entertainment industry. For whatever reason, things don’t work out and a new person comes on board. When it happens post-pilot, then I start to get concerned, especially when the recasting comes without explanation as to the whys and wherefores, and enquiring minds want to know!

Other characters played by the same actors include my favourite principal from Buffy the Vampire Slayer D.B. Woodside as Amenadiel, a dark angel (with some fantastic wings), who wants Lucifer to return to Hell, and Rachael Harris (Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb) playing Lucifer’s therapist Linda… but before you get confused (I was), what you see in the trailer is when Lucifer and Chloe meet her whilst on a case and she later becomes his therapist. Still out of six named characters so far, two have been recast – that’s a third right there, if I remember my fractions correctly. They’ve all got their work cut out for them.

Have a look at the trailer for yourself and you’ll see this Lucifer not only has charm but also bite. In the event your appetite has been whetted like mine has, a premiere date has sadly not yet been announced, other than the fact that the date will be in 2016. And, I solemnly promise not to compare this Lucifer to the one Mark Pellegrino so brilliantly inhabited in season 5 (and parts of 7) of Supernatural, because, well, no new show needs that kind of baggage. But the Lucifer team will be at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con (as will a team from 4YE), so fingers crossed for more info in the coming weeks!


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