“And Hell Itself My Only Foe” Makes A Formidable Opponent On Penny Dreadful

Credit: Showtime
Credit: Showtime

The build up to the Penny Dreadful season finale is going to kill me. If it is not the Vanessa and Ethan storyline, then it is going to be Victor’s new found drug addiction.

Killer Friends: Roper wakes up Vanessa and Ethan, which the couple is not too pleased with. He tells Vanessa to cuff Ethan behind his back, and if looks could kill, Roper would not have made it a second in that house. Roper then proceeds to take off the mask covering part of his face to reveal Ethan’s work. Vanessa and Ethan then proceed to stab and kill Roper. Vanessa then asks Ethan what kind of creature he is, but they are interrupted by the arrival of Victor. Victor tells them that Malcolm is in trouble, and that they must come back to London to rescue him.

Teenage Rebellion: The shot pans to Malcolm being haunted by his wife and children, basically going insane. Meanwhile, Evelyn is being tested by Hecate who notices Evelyn’s weakened state. Hecate proceeds to threaten Evelyn who brushes her off. Back at the mansion Inspector Rusk confronts Vanessa, Victor, and Chandler upon their arrival. The Inspector reveals that Ethan’s real name is Ethan Lawrence Talbot, and then disappears. Back at the mansion Lyle confesses to his betrayal, and tells the crew about Evelyn’s scheme. Vanessa wants to leave immediately, but Ethan realizes that tonight is a full moon and convinces the group that it is not safe.

Mr. Gray: Meanwhile, Lily goes off to Dorian’s place. She tells him that he cannot be as pure as his face suggests and he tells her that he recognizes her, Brona. Lily then proceeds to bite off his ear and orders him to go heal himself. Lily asks for his secret, which he of course does not reveal, but they do end up having some intense sex. Meanwhile, Victor is shooting up heroine back at the house. Ethan is downstairs in the kitchen talking to Sembene who reveals he was a slave trader. Hecate then visits Ethan in his room reassuring him that he is the monster he fears he is, and is meant to serve her Master (which we know is untrue).

We’ve Got Problems: The Creature speaks with Putney’s daughter who tricks him into a cage (awkward). It seems that Putney’s plan is to have the Creature be the eventual father figure to all the freaks he intends to collect. Meanwhile, Vanessa has left the house. Everyone quickly realizes her escape and goes after her. While at Evelyn’s house Chandler and Sembene get trapped, while Victor ends up in the cursed room with Malcolm. Victor then gets visions of his children and Sembene proceeds to get slaughtered by werewolf Chandler. His final words being “you are my friend Ethan Chandler.” This leaves Vanessa alone with Evelyn who leads her to her puppet and the last thing the puppet says is “murder”.

So that is awkward. It seems we have lost our only diverse character on the show, true to Victorian fashion and acquired a crazy puppet in the process.

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