A Blast From The Future: The Flash Unveils Barry Allen’s Season Two Costume

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

Barry Allen is getting a makeover in the upcoming season of The Flash.

The sophomore show, which has won the hearts of critics and fans alike, promises to be even bigger and better in its highly anticipated second season.

Of course, a new season means some changes. It’s something that happens as a show grows and changes.

In one about superheroes, it could mean a different costume.

At SDCC, Stephen Amell showed us Oliver Queen’s newest costume (and boy did it look awesome). We’re also being promised costumes for Arrow‘s character Diggle and, perhaps, even one for The Flash‘s Cisco.

(We’ve already seen what Killer Frost looks like in the season one finale, and we have feelings about that.)

Now, of course, it’s Barry Allen’s turn to get some new duds. Fans of the comic books may recognize a more familiar emblem.

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

Notice the major different?

The emblem in the center has a white circle with the lightning striking through. Bring forth a) the future newspaper Flash’s costume and b) imagery of Barry Allen’s comic costume.

With this new emblem, it signals a new era of the show where things are going to get weird.

How weird? Well parallel dimensions are a thing. We’re going to see original recipe Flash, Jay Garrick, and possibly Wally West (also known as Kid Flash).

Alternate universe speedsters for the win!

Plus who knows if time travel happens again? It’s always a possibility in this show.

Also we’re going to see more metahumans like the Atom Smasher along with repeat offenders.

Let’s hope the show comes on Netflix ASAP. I need to refresh myself of the whole season so I can get ready for its big return.

The Flash will return October 6th on the CW.

Bec Heim