Will The Arrow Face Stardust at WWE’s Summer Slam 2015?

Credits:  Twitter,Stephen Amell / The CW
Credits: Twitter,Stephen Amell / The CW

If there is one thing Stephen Amell is good at, it’s teasing his fans. Obviously, he is also pretty good at kicking ass and looking good in a leather suit – not everyone can pull that off. But supplying his fans with ominous social media posts is definitely high up on that list as well.

About a week ago Amell appeared at WWE’s Monday Night Raw show, stunning viewers worldwide. As we already reported, the actor had voiced his wish to perform on or host the show for several months now, so to see him involved in it was a pleasure.

And even though we all thought that would be it for a while, the rumors slowly start to spread. HollywoodLife claims that Stephen Amell will be facing his newest enemy Cody “Stardust” Rhodes at Summer Slam. “The WWE and Stephen are deciding if he should wrestle as himself or Arrow,” an insider told them. “In the next few weeks that will be answered but what can be answered now is that he will definitely have a match against WWE Superstar Stardust.” Furthermore, it is said that the match will “take place at SummerSlam in NYC”.

Who wouldn’t want to see those leathers in action in a Wrestling ring? But how true are these rumors really? Backstage at MNR Stephen said that if he’d ever step foot in the ring he needed to train first, intensively. And it doesn’t seem like his current schedule allows that.

For a while it seemed like the possibility of a match between Stardust and Arrow wasn’t too far-fetched, especially since Amell tweeted he had “Wrestling moves to learn” during his break from Arrow. His current profile picture (of him literally facing Stardust) promotes that idea as well. Everything Amell does on social media is a deliberate move. Or is it just another tease?

But then, just a few hours ago Amell denied the rumors of him fighting at Summer Slam and probably shattered the dreams of many, many fans at home. Cody was quick to reply that he had no interest in fighting Stephen, but SOMETHING else.

Could that be an indication that it’s not Stephen, but the Arrow who is getting ready for a showoff with Stardust? Or is this happening solely in our heads? Stardust believes in the matchup with the hooded vigilante and is already preparing for it by premiering a new move called “The Queen’s Crossbow”. We will keep our eyes open for it!

We are thoroughly confused. But even if Stephen is not facing Cody at Sumer Slam, the influence Arrow has had on the WWE Universe is something straight out of all my fantasies. Don’t you love it when two worlds collide?

Verena Cote
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