We’ll Always Have Paris: 4YE At Super Heroes Con

Credit: People Convention
Credit: People Convention

Another weekend, another convention. And wouldn’t we love to attend them all?

This past weekend I have found my way to beautiful Paris to attend the Super Heroes Con. The guest list, including The Flash’s and Arrow’s finest gems, was almost too good to be true: Emily Bett Rickards, David Ramsey, Colton Haynes, Willa Holland, Rick Cosnett, Danielle Panabaker and Robert Knepper. And on Saturday we were lucky enough to have Carlos Valdes join us as a surprise guest!

So what did our favorites give away during their Q&A’s? There were several panels, mostly featuring two of the guests and one group panel with all of the attending cast.

The first panel included Rick Cosnett and Danielle Panabaker, representing The Flash. “I’m so excited to be Killer Frost”, Danielle said, talking about the little sneak peek we had of her alter ego in The Flash’s season finale. “We worked on the costume, and the wig and the make-up look for about six months already”, she said. “I don’t know anything about season two yet, so I don’t know if and when we will see her again, but I hope pretty soon.” So do we!

Credit: Verena Cote, 4YE
Credit: Verena Cote, 4YE

When Danielle was confronted with shipping and whether she was Team Westallen or Sowbarry, she said that ultimately it would be Barry and Iris, as they get married in the future. She was quick to add that “that was not the answer you wanted though, I can tell!” She also admitted that she is afraid of Snowbarry questions and described questions about romantic relationships on the show as “landmines”. Rick said he was Team Eddie either way – “It’s all about me, right?”

The duo also gave away their favorite episodes of the first season of The Flash so far: Rick said it was the season finale, while Danielle’s was the karaoke episode (1×12). Shortly after, Emily and Colton accidentally crashed their panel.

The next panel was Emily and Colton’s and easily the funniest one of the weekend. Put these two people together on a stage and you’re guaranteed a night of shenanigans. They danced, they sang, they laughed, and generally entertained the whole room.

Colton was asked about a return to Teen Wolf, and while he said he “can’t promise anything”, he also revealed that there were “talks”, there were also issues with scheduling regarding his future projects. Don’t give up just yet, chances are good Jackson might be back in the future, even if it’s just as a surprise guest. After doing an adorable “Teacup-Dance” a fan asked Colton whether he’d like to be on Beauty and the Beast and his reaction was telling – “Wait, that TV show? Is that still on?”

Emily was further asked about the moment her character on Arrow fell in love with Oliver. “I believe there was already a spark when they first met”, she explained, but added that Felicity’s realization of her feelings probably came in episode 14, where she sees Oliver unconscious and possibly dead on the stretcher in the foundry.

They also talked about Colton’s last day on set, as they shot the goodbye scene before Roy leaves town. Colton said it “was the most emotional day on set” he ever had. “What you guys didn’t see is they cut most of the scene”, he said. “We were literally bawling, we couldn’t even finish the scene.” Emily and Colton also clarified that they did not influence the “Scarecrow” reference but thought it was a really nice choice from the writers.

And as we all would love to see more of Felicity in general, a fan asked whether Emily could see her going “dark” in the future, especially considering Felicity had been the group’s and especially Oliver’s light in the past. “To be honest I haven’t actually considered it”, she said. “But I would not mind it, as long as she stays funny.” Funny Felicity is our favorite too.

Credit: Verena Cote, 4YE
Credit: Verena Cote, 4YE

Another brave (or nosey) fan wanted to know more about filming the sex scene between Oliver and Felicity, and whether Emily and Stephen had talked about it beforehand. “We did, we talked about it a lot”, revealed Emily. She also talked about how they didn’t want it to feel “stereotypical”, that they wanted to convey the intimacy they had built over the years. They wanted to “give the idea of passion and love” but also of souls connecting. Colton joked about them probably not using protection and that “Felicity is already pregnant”. Don’t give them any ideas!

And while on the subject of parenthood, Emily was asked about Felicity’s reaction regarding the child that Oliver is not aware of having (yet!). “I don’t think she would be upset about the child, I think she would be upset about the fact that there is another secret, there is another player to his life”, she said. “And I think she would be a great mother [herself]”.

Furthermore the duo asked to sing together and picked the infamous “Summer Nights”. And if you thought they only look good and know how to act, you’d be surprised. Check it out:

Just as much fun to watch was Colton’s and Willa’s panel. Willa talked about her recent costume changes and as happy as she is with her current outfit, which honors Roy, she has some ideas of her own for Thea’s future: “A cape maybe, something yellow…”

And Colton also talked about his future on Arrow, and that Roy isn’t dead after all, so he could be back some day. “I have a feeling you might be seeing Roy possibly crossing over into different platforms”, he teased. So we just might see Mr. Harper on The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow!

Credit: Verena Cote, 4YE
Credit: Verena Cote, 4YE

Willa talked about working with Susanna Thompson, and that shooting Moira’s death scene was more real than it was acted, including all tears and emotions. “That death scene was the saddest thing I have ever filmed, or even gone through really”, she said. “Afterwards we couldn’t stop crying, so we all went to Stephen’s trailer and we had to drink away our sorrows. […] It was just too depressing.”

Talking about depressing – one fan asked about Willa’s time on Gossip Girl and generally being typecast as a mean girl. “I don’t know why I got cast for that stuff”, she explains. “I am happy you guys enjoyed it, but to be honest it’s not my favorite thing to do. […] It’s been really refreshing to not be doing that anymore.”

Colton probably dropped the biggest bomb on the fans when he revealed that there were originally plans for a very interesting love triangle, which ultimately fell through. “There was a storyline they were actually pitching for a while”, he said. “They were doing a love triangle between Roy, Felicity and Oliver. […] We were fighting over Felicity, but it never worked out.”

Credit: Verena Cote, 4YE
Credit: Verena Cote, 4YE

After Willa and Colton it was time for two members of the original Team Arrow to take the stage: Emily and David. David was asked whether Diggle would take on the role as Thea’s trainer now that her father Malcolm is busy with the League of Assassins, which he answered with a straight-up “Yes”. He also confirmed that Diggle will in fact get an “outfit” in season four, but unfortunately he won’t be wearing tights! And while Emily thinks that Felicity is “a hero of her own”, there are no plans to put her in a costume just yet.

On the question what Diggle has been doing for a living since he is no longer “the black driver”, David answered that he is now living off of his wife. “Diggle has a sugar mama!”, he said. “My wife works for ARGUS, she’s incredibly wealthy. It’s all secret money and Swiss bank accounts.”

Emily was dared to play a game of Kiss/Marry/Kill featuring Barry, Oliver and Ray. She had trouble choosing, but ultimately she would kill off Barry, marry Ray and kiss Oliver. “The thing is if you marry someone you don’t necessarily have to kiss them”, she explained. David was quick to add that Diggle would definitely marry Oliver!

A fan asked Emily whether she sees Oliver and Felicity being domestic in the future and she said she would like that to happen. She wants to see them “have dinner at home” or cook together. But she is afraid that Felicity might get bored. “Not bored of him, that’s never gonna happen”, she quickly added. But she said Felicity might need the purpose she has found in the last three years while working with Oliver and Diggle.

Credit: Verena Cote, 4YE
Credit: Verena Cote, 4YE

The last panel for the weekend was the group panel including Robert, Emily, Colton, David, Willa and Rick. I got a chance to ask them whether they could give us any spoilers for the upcoming season. “There is an invisible CW drone above me right now and it’s going to shoot me in the head if I say anything”, Willa said. We will just have to wait and see. “But it’s gonna be exciting!”, she promised.

Emily and Colton were asked to describe their relationship: innovative, London, debilitating, creative, Greece, and eventually settled on life-changing. Furthermore they talked about what their characters have taught them over the last year. Rick said Eddie taught him to “let things go”, while Thea has taught Willa how to shoot an Arrow and being patient to learn to shoot an Arrow. Diggle has taught David “not to trust a man who has been on an island for five years”, but also how to be a better friend. Roy taught Colton not to be guarded and to let people in, and Felicity taught Emily that change can be a good thing even though it is scary. Robert said that playing the Clock King had taught him that there is always time.

The last question of the night was a request: the actors should pick a superhero name according to their own qualities. Willa went with Captain Nap while Rick called himself Neurotic. Colton would be Giggle Man or Captain Giggles, while Emily would pick “one with maple”. Robert would like to be Prince Foodie and David went with a fan’s suggestions of “Man in Black”.

Even before the event was over People Conventions already announced that there will be Super Heroes Con 2 next year. So if you missed your chance to speak to the cast and get your picture taken, make sure you check back for the sequel! I certainly enjoyed myself this time around, it was great seeing some of the cast again and getting to meet the rest of them. And i could not have been happier about the memories i am able to take home, including our fabolous group shot.

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