Tron 3 Has Been Cancelled: Here’s Why It Is A Bad Idea

Credit: Disney
Credit: Disney

Following the mediocre success of Tomorrowland, Tron 3 has been shelved at Disney.

I understand this is kind of old news. I am appalled, disappointed, and utterly steamed about the whole situation.

Tron 3, aptly titled Tron: Ascension, looked to be the movie to watch for 2017. Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde had signed on to reprise their roles as Sam Flynn and Quorra, respectively. Joseph Kosinski, director of Oblivion and Tron: Legacy, was set to return to the director’s chair and a multitude of potential plots and story lines were ripe for the picking.

Case in point, on the Blu-Ray edition of Tron: Legacy, there were a whole host of little blips and teases of possible story ideas that would take Tron 3 to the next level. The most obvious one was this little nugget which showed the return of the master control program, aka Sark and Ed Dillinger Sr.

For those unfamiliar with the MCP and the role Dillinger plays, let me give you a little run down. In the first film, Kevin Flynn is fired from his job at Encom. The video games he has programmed have been stolen by Ed Dillinger, a manipulative and not-so-talented programmer, who quickly rises through the ranks of Encom. Dillinger is basically bossed around by a program (literally a program who is self-aware) named Sark who works for the MCP. Basically, the MCP wants to take over the world. Dillinger doesn’t quite want that, but he’ll go along with it.

Fast forward a bit, Flynn is sucked into the Grid where he has to play gladiator style games and survive as a user in a programmed world and defeat the MCP with the help of Tron, a system monitor, and his user Alan. Alan and Flynn hate each other in the real world while Tron and Flynn actually become good allies. It’s rather humorous but very awesome. The MCP and Sark are destroyed. Dillinger is exposed as a fraud and Flynn ends up being CEO of Encom.

Fast forward twenty years to an Encom without Kevin Flynn as CEO. Flynn has been missing and Sam, his son, wants nothing to do with the company. In a scene at the beginning of Tron: Legacy, we are introduced to this little weasel Ed Dillinger Jr., played by an almost unrecognizable Cillian Murphy. Dun dun dun.

Now, what would this mean for a sequel? Various reports stated that Tron 3 would follow Quorra, the ISO, an entirely computer made isomorphic algorithm, in the very real and human world. It would also examine the impact she would have on humanity. In Legacy, Flynn stated the ISOs would change the world in every way possible.

With the threat of Dillinger Junior being in cohorts with Dillinger Senior, but also Sark and the MCP, it would have made for one hell of a conflict. Not to mention, the Grid would still be deteriorating and Tron would remain in the wind.

There is so much potential for a final film in the Tron series. Shelving it, I feel, is just a crime to the fans and a damaging choice for Disney. Despite mixed reviews, Legacy went on to earn 400 million dollars worldwide. It was a somewhat modest box office draw. At a budget of 170 million, Disney recouped their money and then some. Not to mention merchandising that accompanied the film.

Tomorrowland is suffering, but Tron is a step in the RIGHT direction for Disney. A strong female protagonist? An epic sci-fi premise that is wholly original? It makes no sense why this film has been pulled.

What also makes little sense is on the heels of canceling Tron 3, Disney decided to announce two remakes they’re picking up instead. REMAKES. What the hell, Disney?

First off, a Sister Act remake needs to NEVER happen. Ever.

Second off, “Night on Bald Mountain”? I’ll admit, I’m totally excited for Chernabog to raise the dead and dance in Hell with all his harpies and demons. These two films, however, aren’t original entertainment that most people crave nowadays. It all just feels like an epic slap in the face to the fans who’ve waited a collective thirty-five years to see the Tron story play out.

So, now, I leave you with a link to the petition to save the movie. I’ve added my signature. It would be great if you could add yours as well. Show Disney that Flynn Lives!

Shelby Arnold
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