This Week’s Orphan Black Is “Ruthless In Purpose, And Insidious In Method”

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We’re approaching the end of the this season of Orphan Black at a fast pace and honestly, I’m not ready! Things are getting really intense, interesting and crazy and to think it’ll all end in a couple of episodes hurts my feelings. Hurt feelings aside, it’s time to discuss the latest episode!

The Hendrix family is still keeping their distance from all things Castor but have found themselves back in the sestra circle by taking in Helena. Of course, it wasn’t exactly their first choice but it’s their turn to entertain her, if you will, so they agree to have her help make soap. Helena brings all of her things to Donnie and Alison’s, including her frozen babies and pretty much fits right in.


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The last time she saw Gracie was when they were both fleeing the Prolethean farm so she’s actually really glad to see her again. I want them to be besties for life.

Last week, Jason took it upon himself to kiss Cosima, while she was impersonating Alison, thus actually kissing Alison and Donnie isn’t happy about it. Well, Jason does it once again this week but unfortunately Alison tells him off. When he thinks that she’s come around and wants a little hook-up in the storage room at Bubbles, he is surprised to find that it’s Donnie who has invited him there. Donnie confronts him about his actions towards his wife in typical, flawless Donnie fashion.


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In the end, however, Jason knocks him out with a couple of punches. I’d still give the win to Donnie though because Donnie Chubbs Hendrix is a God among men.

In Mexico, Coady has made it out with some scratches and is meeting with the Arlington guy. She’s worried about her boys but he informs her that she just needs to keep them alive because he has a spy inside Leda. It could literally be anyone and because of that, I’m freaking out a lot.

Meanwhile, things over at Dyad are getting intense. Rachel is improving and while that is great for Scott and Cosima for the book translations, Delphine isn’t pleased because she doesn’t trust Rachel at all. Cosima decides to put even more trust in Shay and show her around the Dyad lab. She almost finds “The Island of Doctor Moreau” and opens it briefly before Cosima snatches it from her. She probably saw all of the secrets because as I have mentioned, SHE HAS A SECRET AGENDA!

After Shady Shay leaves, Delphine informs Cosima that the best gene therapists in the world were doing tests on another Leda clone but she too has passed away. She also informs her that she will need another stem cell treatment from Kira within the next month. Cosima doesn’t want to do that again to Kira so basically these people need to find another solution and fast.

Cosima and Scott finally tell Sarah about the book and how Rachel is the only one that can translate and she’ll only do so if she gets to speak with Sarah. To prove that she knows what she’s doing, Rachel translates a sentence from the books that reads, “In London Town, we all fell down and Castor woke from slumber.” Rachel agrees to continue her translations as long as they get her the identity of the newest local clone, valley girl Krystal, and get Rachel out-of-town immediately so she can live a normal life. Good luck with that, sestra. Sarah agrees to get her the identity of Krystal and sets out with Felix to do so.

Elsewhere, Scott makes his way back to his apartment where he is greeted by Rudy. Rudy came there for the book and threatens Scott’s cat, Denise, in order to get it. Obviously Scott hands the book over and immediately calls Delphine and tells her about the book. Delphine is enraged that they hid this from her and didn’t trust her with this. She’s also convinced that Rachel is ratting them out to Castor. She thinks it’s a little too convenient that she translates a page that has something to do with Castor and Rudy shows up and I couldn’t agree more.

Even though Delphine is raging at Scott and Cosima both, Scott plays Agricola with Rachel, which is code for getting Delphine out of the room so they can get Rachel out of the building. With the help of some of his gaming friends, Scott sneaks Rachel out of Dyad and over to Siobhan’s house alone with a photocopy of the book so she can get to translating.

While the group is translating, Cosima is still at Dyad with Delphine. She pulls a fast one and hands in her resignation from Dyad which is to be effective immediately. Delphine is taken aback but also confused because when you’re in her position, sick and have resources at your disposal at work to cure yourself, why would you ever leave that? Cosima tells her that either she switches to their side or else she will have to let her go. Then she proceeds to tell Delphine about when she was dying and it was the thought of Delphine that brought her back.


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It’s too much for my emotions. Delphine has a moment of weakness and kisses Cosima but quickly gets back to business and tells her she should have trusted her.

Back at Siobhan’s, Rachel continues to translate the page that now reads, “In London Town, we all fell down and Castor woke from slumber. Find the first, the beast, the curse, the original has a number, H46239.” I can only assume this is a 324B21 situation. Conveniently after that page is translated, Dyad and Dr. Nealon bust into the house to get Rachel because Delphine knew they had a copy and about their plan the entire time. What she didn’t plan for was the seizure Rachel starts having. Dr. Nealon gets her back to Dyad immediately to treat her but PLOT TWIST! He actually helps Rachel sneak away and replaces her would-be comatose body with that of poor, poor Krystal’s.

Scott and Cosima are once again in trouble with Delphine and while Scott didn’t even put in his resignation, Delphine accepts his and Cosima’s and kicks them the hell out of Dyad. Not before giving Cosima a file on Shay, though. READ UP, COSIMA!

Rachel is now overseas, getting a new eye which I think is a mistake because she looked fabulous in an eye patch, and should be back to her normal self in no time. The episode ends as we see Nealon talking on the phone to some mystery woman. Is this their mother? Am I completely lost? I have no idea.

My Favorite Thing
While she only lasted this episode, the newest clone Krystal was amazing. She knew that there was something going on in her life but just didn’t know how to explain it or find out for sure. This made me really sad for her and shows that the sestras really are better when they’re together.tumblr_nphillW8B41rgvfxho2_500

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When Felix is robbing her, he also discovers that she was investigating her encounter with Rudy. She knew something was off about it and while she might not have known where to look or had the best resources, she knew. Krystal is legend. Er, was legend.

That’s all we have for this week. There are only two more episodes left and a LOT of things to deal with! Check out the trailer for next week’s “Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow,” let us know what you think and we’ll see you back here next week!

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