The Hat Is Even Awesome Minaturized: Agent Carter Funko Pop Figure Is Happening

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

If there is merchandise with Peggy Carter associated with it, then there is a chance I will buy it.

Peggy Carter is one of the most badass characters ever. And believe you me, everyone in the Marvel fandom knows it. Done in part by Hayley Atwell’s stunning performance, the character has become a hero and star in her own right. Even outshining her comic book counterpart in some respects.

The one thing that gets me is simple: lack of merchandising.

I have money to spend here and there is a stubborn lack of representation in merchandising for my favorite female characters, such as Peggy Carter and Natasha Romanoff. It will probably be a while before we see a more even distribution, but I will take what I can get.

Funko, bless their corporate hearts, has seemed to have heard my fervent praying.

Why? Simple. They’re releasing a figure of Peggy Carter.

And it looks super awesome and I want to throw my money at them now please.

Credit: Funko
Credit: Funko

Even in bobble-head form, Peggy Carter just radiates a don’t mess with me attitude.

My favorite part is that she is wearing her signature red hat, tipped just so. It looks equally awesome minaturized.

(Please bring that hat back in season two!)

She is also holding the Blitzkrieg Button, which if fans remember held a vial of Steve Rogers’ blood. Oh the feels are overwhelming my heart right now, guys.

If you, like me, want to throw your money at this piece of awesome figure, then I am sorry to say we have to wait. The figure will not be released until August. You can, however, pre-order it at Entertainment Earth.

We can hold out a little bit longer, right? It’s not as long as the wait for the second season of Agent Carter.

We have to wait for January 2016 for that bit of fun.

Bec Heim

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  1. Love this figurine, she looks very well done ! I love all the details of the hat and hair and those little shoes are really cute ! i’m definitely going to add this one to my collection !

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