“The Dance Of Dragons” Leaves Devastation In Its Wake On This Week’s Game Of Thrones


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Throners, this week’s episode is the penultimate episode; that’s right, there is only one more episode of Game of Thrones left after this week. If you are like me, the realization has hit you like a ton of bricks. It really does feel like that this season just started.

Now is not the time to dwell on this impending doom as we still have this episode to discuss. As you can tell by the title, “The Dance of Dragons”, this is a very Daenerys-centric episode (because Hello? Dragon Queen, anyone?).  That being said, Daenerys isn’t the only one in this episode as some of the season’s major plot lines take the lead here as well with some of our other faves.

This week we find Stannis confronting a troubling decision while the recently scared beyond reason Jon Snow returns to The Wall (thank the old gods and new gods).  As for Arya, she encounters someone from her past while the beloved Dragon Queen Daenerys reluctantly oversees a traditional celebration of athleticism aka the fighting pits she so desperately hates.

What else went down during “The Dance of Dragons”? Let’s discuss!

What You Need To Know:

Stannis, You Had One Job: In the North, Stannis and his army awake to destruction. Looks like Ramsay made good and slaughtered and sacked the army’s food supplies. Daavos is ordered by Stannis to seek out the Night’s Watch for aid, a task he accepts but he wants to take Shireen with him. Stannis denies him the opportunity, and Daavos has a tearful goodbye with the Princess. Daavos is worried for her as he leaves, fears that aren’t unreasonable. Stannis later on seeks out Shireen, who tells him the story of “The Dance of Dragons.” Shireen notices Stannis is worried and offers to help him anyway that she can. Stannis hugs the girl and begs for her forgiveness as he accepts her help. The next morning, Shireen is taken to a pyre, where Melisandre awaits her. The princess begins to sense she is danger and cries out for help. Shireen tied to the pyre, shrieking for her father and mother to save her. As Melisandre lights the pyre on fire, the Queen, who had been watching with Stannis from a distance, has a change of heart and goes to save Shireen but is stopped. Shireen is burned alive, as Stannis looks on. The shame…

Arya Faces Her Past: Arya is still in Braavos, getting ready to poison the ship’s captain per Not Ja’qen’s orders. She is all set to complete her mission when she notices a ship from Westeros arriving with Lord Tyrrell and several knights, one she recognizes and one she hopes doesn’t recognize her. The arrival puts off her task as she stalks their movements throughout the city. She finds out that they are here to speak to the Iron Bank and then returns to the House of Black and White, where she lies to Not Ja’qen about why she didn’t kill the captain. She states that she is going to complete the task tomorrow but then scurries off to a brothel to spy on the knights, which turn out to pedophiles. Looks like they’ll be added to her kill list!

Ellaria Faces The Music: In Dorne, Jaime has no luck getting Myrcella to come with until they receive word that Tommen has requested she return home. Not daring to defy the King, Doran agrees to let Myrcella go as long as the engagement remains with Tristane, and Tristane takes over Oberyn’s seat on the council. Jaime manages to get Bronn released while the Sand Snakes still remain locked up. As for Ellaria, Doran gives her an ultimatum: swear allegiance or die. Ellaria swears her loyalty to Doran, and later on tells Jaime that she doesn’t blame him nor Tommen for Oberyn’s death and tells Jaime that they can’t help who they love, implying she knows about Cersei.

Jon Snow Returns Home: Jon makes his way back to Castle Black with the Wildlings. At first, it looks like Alistair isn’t going to let him back in but then the gates go up. Later on, the pair exchange words. The latter acknowledges that Jon has a big heart but fears it will get them all killed.

The Dragon Queen Rises: Back in Mereen, the fighting pits are officially open. Dany is forced to watch with utter distate while Tyrion looks like he shares her views on the whole thing. Dany is caught off guard during the second match as Jorah is announced as one of the contenders. She watches as Jorah fights for his life and looks like he is going to lose for a second before ultimately winning his bout. Jorah looks to Dany for approval but then grabs a spear to launch it in her direction. The spear misses her and instead hits a Son of the Harpy. Dany is surrounded by guards as from the the stands the Sons of the Harpy take over. Looks like the fighting pits were a set up for them to take over and kill Dany. Jorah reaches Dany and takes her to safety while Tyrion saves Missandei and tries to get her to safety. Daario tries to get them out but the gang is surrounded everywhere by the Sons of the Harpy. Missandei and Dany hold hands as they wait to be kill when Drogon flies in to save his mother. The dragon manages to kill many of the Sons of the Harpy before they spear him nearly to death. Dany reaches out to Drogon, and at first, he looks like he is going to burn her but allows her to remove some of the spears. Dany then climbs on top of Drogon, and they fly away together while the others look up in awe. DROGON FOR THE WIN!!!

Check out the promo below for next week’s season finale “Mother’s Mercy”!

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