Teen Wolf Updates: Shirtless Montage, Introducing Theo, And Rewind Worthy Moments!

Credit: MTV
Credit: MTV

Like I needed another reason to love Teen Wolf! For years I’ve been boasting that Teen Wolf is basically supernatural soft-core porn and it seems that they’re a-ok living up to that definition.

The Season 4 DVD , which is available now, will feature a “Shirtless Montage”. Yes, I’m serious. There is a “Shirtless Montage”, praise the TV Gods. This may actually be enough to hold me over until the new season premiers on Monday, June 29th!

On a sad note, take in these beautiful images of Tyler Hoechlin all buff and shirtless because Derek Hale has left Beacon Hills. But don’t worry; we are being introduced to some new eye candy! Not included in the montage is newcomer Cody Christian, of Pretty Little Liars fame. From the few teasers I’ve seen of the new season and it looks like Christian’s character Theo may be allergic to his shirt!

Eye candy aside, it looks like Theo could spell out some trouble for our favorite bro-mance between Scott and Stiles. Regardless of Theo driving a wedge between him and his BFF, Tyler Posey (Scott McCall) can’t help but gush about Christian’s addition to the cast.

“He’s a phenomenal actor, he’s really passionate about his work. He really loves being on set and is always asking questions about shots and setups, what size lens they’re using. He fits in so well on set.”

In more Teen Wolf News, it appears the Season 5 premiere will leaving you hitting rewind! TVLine reports that while Stiles and Lydia relation-ship has sailed they’ll definitely be scene stealers this season.

I can only imagine what’s in store. I mean we all remember nogitsu-Stiles, how amazing was that! Not to mention Lydia’s full on banshee powers coming into action last season!

You can catch the two night Teen Wolf premiere starting on Monday June 29th on MTV. Can’t wait that long? Check out some of the footage from the shirtless montage! Keep it tuned in to 4YE for our Teen Wolf recaps!