Penny Dreadful Reaches “Above the Vaulted Sky” For “Evil Spirits Heavenly Places”

Credit: Showtime
Credit: Showtime

Well in case you forgot what happened on last week’s episode, below is a mini-recap of “Evil Spirits Heavenly Places”. For those of you who do not need the mini-refresher feel free to breeze on by to this week’s gruesome review!

Penny Dreadful Episode 2 x 4: “Evil Spirits Heavenly Places”

This episode had to be the lightest of the season thus far, I mean we even got a smile out of Ms. Vanessa Ives! Victor invites Vanessa to go shopping with him to buy clothes for his “second cousin” Lily, who he tells Vanessa is from the country. Vanessa is thrilled to help as Victor becomes more and more flustered as she helps him pick out clothes for his dear cousin. Lily puts on the clothes to Victor’s approval, however she hates the corset which Victor tells her she does not have to wear. Meanwhile the Creature is working at the wax exhibit and has some bonding time with The Putneys’ daughter, Lavinia, who says she hates making the torture scenes for her father. Meanwhile Dorian and Angelique enjoy a night of table tennis, where Angelique absolutely destroys Dorian in the game and the entire scene is absolutely adorable. In Ethan land, Hecate sets a trap where a horse is spooked and Ethan rescues her. However Ethan is not easily deceived and thinks Hecate was sent by his father to retrieve him. This happens while Sir Malcolm and Lyle continue to figure out what all the artefacts in the basement say, which turn out to tell the story about how Lucifer fell. Vanessa heads to bed, but before getting any rest the witches attack and steal a piece of Vanessa’s hair. The episode ends with Vanessa dealing with the after shocks of using the Verbis Diablo to defend herself.

Penny Dreadful 2 x 5: Above the Vaulted Sky

Well if puppets did not freak you out before, this episode will give you a brand new fear you did not know you had!

Puppet Master: The episode begins with Evelyn dissecting a puppet of Sir Malcolm wife’s brain, while Hecate braids Vanessa’s hair into the Vanessa puppet. Both women are chanting spells as they do their work, and Evelyn’s work seems instantaneous while we have little idea what Hecate’s spell has done. Evelyn then sticks pins into the puppets oozing brain as his wife in real life screams in pain. As the wife withers in pain with various needles coming into her brain throughout the episode, she starts to hallucinate and then proceeds to slit her own throat. I guess Malcolm is single now and free to marry Evelyn if he so chooses, was this her master plan for him? (I am just so grossed out).

Defense: Meanwhile at Sir Malcolm’s house the group decides that they have to defend their home. Each person does their own sets of prayers, spells, incantations to ward the witches off. However Vanessa gets freaked out mid-prayer because she can no longer tell what is and is not real anymore. She goes to Ethan for comfort (babies!!!!) and asks to sleep in his bed, while he takes the couch. He then proceeds to kiss her on the forehead as my inner fangirl squirms in delight.

Together: At Victor’s home the Creature is furious that he has not seen Lily and feels that Victor has been keeping her from him. Victor adamantly denies this, saying Lily is just adjusting to life. Victor then recounts everything he has said to Lily and explains that he told Lily that it was her choice who she should love. The Creature then goes to Lily to talk to her, and the Creature attempts to tell her about their “life together” prior to the accident. Victor listens in on the conversation as Lily continues to freak out over the Creatures proximity to her. Lily tells the Creature that they can be friends but nothing more and the Creature leaves. The next day Victor brings Lily to meet Vanessa. The entire lunch is absolutely adorable and Vanessa smiles as she realizes Victor’s mutual attraction with his dear cousin.

Scotland Yard: Scotland Yard tracks down Ethan and asks him questions about his stay at the Marion Inn. Apparently only him and Brona are unaccounted for after the massacre. We discover that Ethan Chandler is not even Ethan’s real name and that Scotland Yard knows he is a soldier. Ethan is then followed but quickly loses the officer as he gets home. However, the man who was hired by his Father does track him down to the mansion. Vanessa confides in Chandler that she cares for him and touches his face!!

Bonding: Vanessa is back talking to the Creature at the soup kitchen, and she discusses how she had lunch with one of her friends who she believes is unaware that he is in love. She then teaches the Creature how to dance, and I do not ship this AT ALL. Meanwhile, Dorian and Angelique run into some serious ass wipes who spit on and tease Angelique. This seems to get to her because she strips down to her man clothes. Dorian gives her a lecture and the two reconcile and have some very hot sexy times. On the other side of town Malcolm and Evelyn are on a date. She pricks him with her ring, intentionally, and the date eventually leads to them in bed. Evelyn continues to prick him with her demon ring and I have no idea what getting his blood actually does.

Thunderstorm: The episode ends with probably the biggest couple-ing of all, because I was not sure the show would actually go there. A storm scares Lily into Victors bed, where she initiates some very forward sexy times. Victor of course follows her lead and I guess he is not as asexual as we thought.

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