Penny Dreadful Practices “Memento Mori” In This Week’s Episode

Credit: Showtime
Credit: Showtime

Well if you thought Penny Dreadful was not creepy enough, I assure you this episode proved you wrong. I mean is it really necrophilia if you are technically dead?

Waking the Dead: The episode picks up where last week’s left off, except now Lily is cuddling the dead body and being super creepy. Meanwhile, the Creature is tormenting Victor for letting Lily out of his site because as the Creature has said numerous times, Lily is his and was created to be his wife. Victor is obviously terrified and also not too pleased considering Lily did not come home the night before. While on the other side of town Evelyn is chatting with Lyle, asking him where Vanessa is hiding. Lyle tells her that he does not know and Evelyn then confides that she intends to lure her above ground. Prior to leaving Evelyn’s house, Lyle is cornered by Hecatate who asks about Ethan and threatens Lyle, saying he will live longer if he sides with her.

Inspection: Malcolm is visited by Inspector Rusk who questions Malcolm about Chandler and his lost daughter. This seriously pisses Malcolm off and the Inspector is asked to leave, immediately. Malcolm speaks to Victor, telling him that the things one loves may destroy us and we may become strangers to even ourselves. While in the living room Lyle has fully interpreted the demons puzzle. The puzzle states that two brothers were thrown from heaven, one to Earth and one to hell. The brother on Earth, the Master, feeds on the living by night, while the other brother feeds on the souls of the dead. Their goal is to find the mother of evil, with whom if they marry can topple god from heaven and bring fourth the apocalypse. While Lyle explains the translation Evelyn is chanting the Verbis Diablo in Malcolm’s ear, causing him to lose concentration, but he is fighting it (FINALLY).

Possession: Malcolm goes over to Lyle and tells him that it is not the Hound of God, but the Wolf. This causes Sembene to run over and see for himself, because obviously he knows Ethan’s little secret. However, no one has time to say anything because Malcolm get’s possessed thank’s to Evelyn’s continuous spell casting. Sembene then locks him in a room where Malcolm hallucinates his entire family dancing at a ball. Sembene, Victor, and Lyle watch as Malcolm hallucinates and eventually breaks Evelyn’s curse. Once free from Evelyn’s control, Malcolm is furious that he let himself be controlled and now he is out for revenge. Everyone warns him against it, but Malcolm leaves at night only to be first propositioned and then captured by Evelyn, who forces him to face his dead family.

The Picture of Dorian Grey: Meanwhile, Angelique is left home again as Dorian goes out with Lily. She comes across a hidden room of mirrors, only to come upon Dorian’s painting. Dorian comes home to find Angelique looking at his picture, and asks her if she can love him for who he is. Angelique says she can, but this does not stop Dorian from poisoning her. This causes his decrepit painting to hunch even further and glare at Dorian for his sins.

Ms. Frankenstein: Back at Victor’s house the Creature confronts Lily about her dalliance with Dorian. He calls her out on her insane bull she has been spilling. Lily goes on a rampage and totally takes the Creature to town: screaming about the rights of women and their suffering from men. She plans to make everyone kneel before her and she wants the Creature, “her creature” at her side. She wants an equal, and she wants the Creature to help her kill Victor. The Creature seems a bit overwhelmed, but totally on board, and I have no idea what is going on, but I am terrified.

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