Penny Dreadful Is Confronted With Some “Glorious Horrors” In This Week’s Episode

Credit: Showtime
Credit: Showtime

I guess there are worse things than attending a ball hosted by the infamous Dorian Gray, although, I do not think I would go out in the open if I knew a hoard of witches were after me. That may just be me.

Morning After: After last week’s intercourse filled episode we got the privilege of seeing the morning after, starting with a maid finding Malcolm’s wife dead in the corner of her room with her throat slit right open. Meanwhile, Lily makes Victor breakfast in bed and they continue to be super adorable. In witch land, Evelyn cuts off some of Malcolm’s hair to put into his creepy ceramic puppet, but not before they get back to a little foreplay. Back at Dorian’s mansion he tells Angelique he is going to throw her a coming out ball to celebrate their uniqueness, and he intends to invite everyone in the land.

Terrible News: Back at Malcolm’s mansion, Vanessa and Chandler are waiting to tell Malcolm the news of his wife’s passing. When Malcolm arrive Vanessa proceeds to tell him of her suicide, but Malcolm seems unfazed. He actually seems somewhat giddy and everyone becomes suspicious that Malcolm is not himself. On the other side of town Evelyn cast a spell over Malcolm’s puppet body and squeezes a heart in his chest until the puppets heart beats on its’ very own. Evelyn then proceeds to make out with said puppet, and I so did not sign up for this. Across town the Creature is chatting with Lavinia who reaches for his hand only to realize the Creature is not fully alive. This of course freaks her out and she tells her parents her fears over dinner. Her father seems all too pleased with this development (someone is gonna get captured, I can feel it).

Secrets: While talking with Vanessa, Chandler gets a visit for the lone survivor of the massacre, Pinkerton agent Roper, who threatens to scalp everyone in the house if Chandler does not return to America with him. Later that evening, Chandler goes to the wax museum to check out the recreation of the Mariner’s Inn Massacre, which seems to haunt him. He runs into Rusk who confronts him, saying he knows that Chandler is involved somehow. Even later that evening Vanessa invites Chandler to be her escort to the ball on Friday, but he declines (and my shipper heart is so sad).  However, that Friday night Chandler does ask Sembene to chain him in the basement and just watch him. Obvious to the audience Chandler turns into his wolfish self, explaining why he could not attend Friday nights ball. Sembene is obviously a little freaked out, but really who can blame you when a werewolf is coming at you?

The Ball: Meanwhile, Dorian has actually invited everyone to the ball. Evelyn and Malcolm, with a newly shaved beard, attend as well as Victor and Lily. Vanessa attends without an escort because she’s a bad ass woman who don’t need no man anyway, plus she looked killer. Evelyn then re-introduces herself to Vanessa who points out that she has noticed a change in Malcolm. Evelyn waves it off as a trick to staying young, but Vanessa instantly snaps that staying young is not a trick she seeks (BURN). Later, Vanessa chats with Victor who seems incredibly uncomfortable, especially when Lily is dancing with Dorian. Dorian seems to recognize her and Lily seems to recognize some of the paintings in the room, but both shrug it off. Lily seems to be having a grand time while Victor seethes in jealousy. Angelique on the other hand seems a bit jealous herself of all the attention Dorian is shining on Lily, but that is quickly dismissed when Dorian asks Angelique to dance in front of everyone at the ball.

Raining Blood: Lyle also at the ball goes to tell Vanessa that it is not safe and he would like to escort her home. She goes off to say her goodbyes but is quickly surrounded by Hecate and her sisters (who seem to have ulterior motives than Evelyn). Vanessa then hallucinates blood raining down on all the guest and passes out. When she awakes she is back at Malcolm’s mansion and everyone agrees, but Malcolm, that Vanessa needs to leave and go somewhere safe (and not tell anyone). Chandler offers to accompany her and off to the most shiptastic journey EVER!

Seriously this season is outdoing itself, I am so friggen excited for next week!

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