Orphan Black: Helena Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands In “Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow”

Credit: BBC America
Credit: BBC America

Welcome back to another recap of Orphan Black! The show that makes you happy, sad, stressed and whatever else weekly, yet, we keep returning to it! Last week, the trio of Mrs. S., Felix and Sarah were headed to London and this week we get to see what’s waiting there for them. It’s quite the doozy so let’s dive right in!

Let’s start with the Hendrix family. For the most part we’ve seen them just live it up as drug dealers. They’ve hit a snag here and there but really, compared to everyone else, they’re doing quite well. That was until this episode. Alison is really, really busy campaigning and trying to run Bubbles but it’s fine because she has her lovely sestra, Helena, to help as well as the flawless Donnie. While Donnie is manning the store, and recovering from his injuries thanks to Jason Kellerman, he’s greeted by one of the guys that runs with Kellerman and Pouchy. Unfortunately, this isn’t a friendly visit. He shows up to inform Donnie that they’ll need to return all of the pills to Pouchy because while Jason vouched for them before, he no longer does and just like that, Pouchy wants nothing to do with them. The guy tells Donnie to bring the pills to Pouchy’s all while trashing the joint and unknowingly taking Helena’s frozen eggs.

Mildly freaking out, Donnie gathers the pills and heads over to Pouchy’s with Helena in tow. She stays in the car while Donnie goes in to conduct business but as I’m sure you could have guessed, she wants to make sure she gets those babies so she puts on a hat and impersonates Alison. Saying that this moment was flawless is a huge understatement.

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The two get her frozen babies back but unfortunately for Pouchy and his crew, they threaten Alison’s children on Helena and Donnie’s way out and well, that doesn’t sit well with Helena at all. She kicks Donnie out the door, locks it and proceeds to teach them a lesson in the form of slicing and dicing with a paper-cutter. Once she’s finished, she emerges with Donnie’s refund, which seems to be a little more than they originally thought.

Meanwhile, Mrs. S., Felix and Sarah have ventured over to London to find the original Castor. The group is getting all of their leads from some of Siobhan’s shady yet seemingly reliable companions. However, before they get to the business, Mrs. S. makes some times to rock out with her former band. All jokes aside, it was pretty legendary.

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While she’s rocking out, we find out that her number one source has fallen victim to Top Side and Ferdinand. He was supposed to report toFerdy is Siobhan showed up, which he failed to do and ultimately results in his death. Death via Top Side is not something I want to ever be a part of because it was brutal. Mrs. S. realizes that something is wrong, goes to the meeting place to find her friend and finds him barely hanging on. He’s alive just long enough to whisper something to Mrs. S. that causes her to prepare immediately to head back to America. That won’t work for Sarah, though, and she takes it upon herself to use this guy’s cell phone to get to the original. Through phone calls and traveling a bit, her and Felix, and eventually Mrs. S., reach the house of the original Castor only to find out that it’s none other than Siobhan’s mother, Kendall Malone. Apparently when she was in the womb, Kendall absorbed her twin brother and carried man and lady DNA which boom, allowed her to not only be the original Castor but also, the original Leda. And this, my friends, is why they opt not to kill her.

Last week, Cosima and Scott were fired from Dyad for betraying Delphine but now that Cosima believes Shay is working for Castor, she’s decided to come crawling back. Once she states her concerns about Shay to Delphine, Delphine takes it upon herself to get to the bottom in her own way. First, she shows up at Shay’s apartment in flawless fashion. She then tells her that she is going to tell her everything about what she’s up to and her involvement with Castor. Classically, Shay tells her that she has no idea what she’s talking about which makes Delphine take things to a more extreme level. Delphine basically sets up the scene in her apartment that will make it appear as if Shay has committed suicide. Delphine is scary, you guys.

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Meanwhile, at Scott’s flawless apartment, Cosima receives a phone call from Gracie. Cosima was just about as confused as I was when she received the call, that was until Gracie apologized to her for being the mole within Leda. That’s right, Shay may be shady but she wasn’t the mole! Gracie was promised to be reunited with Mark if she infiltrated Leda. With that, Cosima manages to phone Delphine JUST in time and spare Shay’s life. Or did she? Delphine takes the call and listens to her but Delphine already told Shay everything about why she was there, basically giving her all of the secrets. The next time we see Delphine is at Dyad, taking a call from Ferdinand and asking him to come to Dyad HQ. I suppose we’ll find out next week if Delphine committed murder and if Cophine is forever damaged. Please say no!

My Favorite Thing
It would be pretty unfortunate if I didn’t give this to Helena.

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She was precious and deadly all at the same time. She stood up for Donnie and his family and did what she had to do to ultimately keep them safe and I couldn’t have been more thrilled. RIP Pouchy and Co., you guys were terrible.

That is what went down last week. A lot of stuff went down and further complicated the insane web of lies that all of our favorites are swimming in.

Next week is the season three finale of the show and while I’d love to say we’ll be getting some resolutions, which we might for certain things, I think we’ll be left with more questions than anything. There’s just way too much to cover! Either way, I’m excited and I can’t wait to see where it will leave us for season four! Here’s the trailer for “History Yet to Be Written” and we’ll see you back here next week!

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