Orphan Black Brings Us A “Community Of Fear And Hate”

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Welcome back, Clone Club! This past Saturday, the seventh episode of this season of Orphan Black aired and after last week’s dramatic conclusion, I hoped that maybe we’d have a week off from the stress but I was wrong. Sit back, try to relax and let’s recap what happened in “Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate”!

Helena and Sarah were able to escape the Castor compound upon Paul’s demise and they’ve ended up in a cantina somewhere in Mexico. The two are waiting on one of Siobhan’s comrades to come and pick them up to take them back home but instead, Mrs. S herself shows up. This doesn’t sit well with Helena because she is 100% fixed on killing her due to her betrayal. Tensions between Helena and Mrs. S are pretty high but after the two share some verbal exchanges and some punches, all is fixed by a simple hug from Mrs. S to Helena. Let’s get this happy family back home now!

Cosima and Shay are still going strong in the adult sleepover department but you know what would make that scenario even better? If Delphine showed up. Well, she does.

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However, it’s not to join in on the fun but to give Cosima the scolding of a lifetime about not only her tardiness to work but the fact that she hasn’t been reporting in about her illness, which according to Delphine, is getting worse. After the scolding, Cosima phones Scott, who is actually trying to do his job and take care of her, and asks that he cover for her for a while and that she’ll be back later with her urine sample that Delphine requested for further testing.

While Alison has basically nothing to do with her sisters right now she is still really busy. First, she has to send Donnie along with Jason to meet up with their supplier and acquire $30,000 worth of drugs to sell. Donnie is trying really hard to help and make this a success but of course, Donnie being Donnie and Alison being stressed, he ends up taking an envelope of School Board Trustee buttons to Pouchy, the drug dealer, instead of $30,000. Luckily, through much scrambling and running around, Alison gets Pouchy the money he’s promised and all is well.

Alison’s mother is also introduced in this episode and holy shite, it explains so much about Alison. Her mother, Connie, has no problem telling Alison what she thinks is wrong in her life, how she makes terrible choices, how she should and could correct those choices and God knows what else. She’s delightfully terrible. She really serves up some trouble in this episode by rejecting Alison and Donnie the ownership to Bubbles but thanks to Jason Kellerman doing a little sweet-talking and reassuring her that Alison knows what she’s doing, she reconsiders.

As I mentioned before, Cosima needs a urine sample to give to Delphine and instead of actually taking care of herself, she feels the need to rebel and get a sample from Alison. Once Cosima shows up at the School Board Trustee event for the sample, she finds herself impersonating Alison since she’s currently running around town dealing with her mother and drug dealers. Felix, who is serving as Alison’s campaign manager, promises Cosima a urine sample but only if she helps out so she really has no choice but to put on some bangs and act like a soccer mom. She ends up posing for pictures and giving part of an election speech. Luckily, Alison shows up during speech and ends up delivering an epic one which I can only assume will secure her the win over Marci Coates.

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Upon her successful speech, which focused on family and loving them for what they are, her mother corners her to harp on her about her life choices once more. Rebelling, Alison decides to introduce Cosima as her clone to her mother. It’s pretty awkward but luckily Connie is so uptight and in her own world, she blows it off as a coincidence.

Meanwhile at Dyad, Delphine is running some tests on Rachel regarding the protein that was found in the Castor clone, Cosima’s urine, and Gracie, when Rachel spots her special drawing on Scott’s table. Not sure how to approach Rachel for help regarding the secret symbols, Scott flashes the Dr. Moreau book at her, which further peaks her interest. Continuing to keep it under wraps, Rachel asks Scott if he can teach her to play his medieval farming board game to which he says yes.

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She begins to translate the book and learn about medieval farming but tells Scott the only person she will tell the translation to is Sarah Manning. Dun, dun, dun!

Finally, the episode closes with Cosima back in Shay’s apartment, taking a bath. Shay was present when Delphine came by and definitely overhead things regarding urine samples, Leda, and that something is wrong with Cosima. As Cosima begins to divulge information to Shay about her illness, she starts bleeding excessively in the bathtub.

Noteworthy Quotes – Felix and Alison Edition
“Sorry parents, I think something Marci Coates said got stuck in my throat.” -Alison

“We’re going to dismantle this bitch.” -Felix

“We need bangs…bangs that say unhappy, sexless marriage.” -Felix

“Holy freakin’ Christmas cake.” -Alison

Alison: Cosima needs my pee.
Felix: Cosima needs your pee? For What?
Alison: I don’t know science, I guess.

That’s it! That’s how they ended it! HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT, ORPHAN BLACK!? HOW? Three episodes left and they leave us with Cosima getting worse, her and Delphine still on the outs and Rachel making demands again! Don’t forget to check out the trailer for next week’s episode, “Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method.” After that, take the week to recuperate and we’ll see you back here next Saturday!

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