No Marvel Hall H Greatness Will Occur At This Year’s San Diego Comic Con

Comic Con International
Comic Con International

Fellow San Diego Comic Con attendees and Marvelites, I cordially invite you to a big group hug.

Deadline reports that all the rumours we have been hearing are, sadly, true: this year there won’t be any Marvel greatness at SDCC’s Hall H.

Instead, Hall H will make room for DC and its upcoming big projects, such as Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, which will be released next year. This could also mean we will get some glimpses at other future projects like Wonder Woman and Justice League, Part One, both to be released in 2017.

While this will give DC a big chance to promote their work, and while I am excited for Suicide Squad, I can’t deny the big sadness my heart feels right now.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise. The signs were out there and we should have seen it coming.

First off, it’s not the first time Marvel skips the biggest Con in the world: they did so in 2011, because apparently there was nothing to announce or anything new to show. Secondly, James Gunn said multiple times that Marvel is not attending, but being the passionate Marvelites we are, we were all hoping for him to be wrong.

Lastly, there’s nothing else for them to reveal. After their big announcement in October, they have nothing new to share.

Allow me to differ on that, Marvel. I do believe there are a few things you can share.

How about something Spider-Man related? Or some first clips of Captain America: Civil War (because I’m guessing there will be some valuable material ready by then)? Or Doctor Strange casting news?! I was rooting for that last one, to be honest.

Sadly, Marvel doesn’t share my ideas and we will have to wait yet another year to have some of Marvel’s Comic Con goodies.

Remember there’s always a silver lining, and in this case we have two.

First: with Marvel skipping a year, this means the announcements for next year (because I’m counting on them not skipping two years in a row!) will be juicy and worth the wait. We could get some Spider-Man news, some looks at Doctor Strange, and some details on the Russos’ Avengers: Infinity War.

Second: DC, guys! While the trailer for Dawn of Justice managed to lift my faith on it, I’m still 100% all for Suicide Squad. Give me all the villains! Plus, if we can get more details on Wonder Woman, we will be satisfied.

So, cheer up. No Marvel Hall H madness doesn’t mean no Marvel at all! We have comic books and TV series, and while movies like Deadpool and Fantastic Four are not part of the MCU, they are Marvel as well; the goodies never end, my friends!

We are exactly one month away from San Diego Comic Con. We better start getting ready. See you there!