“Mother’s Mercy” Delivers The Cruelest Blow On The Game Of Thrones’ Season Finale

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Throners, season five has officially come to an end with tonight’s episode “Mother’s Mercy”, and I am not entirely sure how we will ever recover from this season’s events. Or tonight’s events. Or any events that the show has thrown at us. Let’s be serious; this show is why so many of us have trust issues as fans.

To say that the season finale changed everything would be the understatement of a lifetime. No one is really safe on this show; it’s a lesson that was learned during the first season. Who lost this round in the game for throne tonight?

Let’s get down to rehashing what happened on tonight’s epic season finale!

What You Need To Know:

The Lord of Light Lied: The snow began to melt in the North, giving the appearance that Stannis’ awful sacrifice from the night before was working. Melisandre looked quite please with herself as she went to share the good news with Stannis. Too bad truly horrible news followed; the men deserted Stannis, and the queen hung herself in the night. Stunned by these two events, Stannis turns to Melisandre but she too bails on him, hightailing for the Wall. Stannis, not one too look bad, tells his men to gather round as they are heading to Winterfell. The army arrives at Winterfell, apparently to their doom as the Bolton army grossly outnumbers them. Stannis’ crew gets slaughtered quickly, leaving only Stannis alive. His small victory is shortlived as Brienne, after hearing from Podrick that Stannis was there, makes her way to him and has him confess to Renly’s murder. Stannis does and with that confession, Brienne honors her promise to Renly, and kills Stannis.

The Ironborn Returns: Also in the North, Sansa escapes from her room to finally go light that candle to signal help. Too bad her candlelight was missed as Brienne gave up on waiting and went to go exact justice on Stannis. While Sansa was making her way out of the tower and to escape from Ramsay, she gets caught by Miranda and Reek/Theon.  Sansa tells Miranda to go ahead and kill her as she wants to die with some of dignity still left. Miranda mocks Sansa while Reek/Theon begs her to listen to Miranda. Miranda tells Sansa that Ramsay isn’t going to kill her as he needs heirs but that he doesn’t need all of her and looks to cause Sansa some harm. As she makes to shoot Sansa with an arrow, Reek/Theon stops her and pushes her off the ledge and to her death. Sansa looks shocked that he would save her. Reek/Theon grabs Sansa and takes her to the top of Winterfell. He looks over the ledge and starts to climb it, reaching out for Sansa. She takes his hand, and they both jump to their freedom.

Ellaria Gets Her Justice: Jaime, Bronn, Tristane, and Myrcella all board the ship to head back to Kings Landing. Before boarding, Ellaria gives Myrcella a parting kiss as Tyene teases Bronn one last time. On the ship, Jaime attempts to have a heart to heart with Myrcella and tries to tell her the truth about her parentage. Myrcella catches Jaime offguard during the talk and tells him that she knows he’s her father and couldn’t be prouder. The two embrace, then suddenly Myrcella begins to bleed and convulse. She collapses in Jaime’s arms, while he shouts for help. Back at Dorne, Ellaria and the Sand Snakes look on as it looks like Ellaria’s kiss was deadly.

The Faceless God Punishes Aria: Back at Braavos, Aria finally gets her kill in as she poses as another to trick Meryn. She repeatedly stabs him and reveals her identity, and completes her kill by slitting his throat. Aria returns to the Temple and is found out by Not Jaq’en, who tells her she took the wrong life and poisons himself. Aria freaks out but then turns around to see Not Ja’qen behind her. He tells her that No One died and Aria starts to go blind.

Where Is Daenerys?: In Mereen, Daario, Tyrion, and Jorah all sit and wonder what to do. Logic dictates they seek out Daenerys’ whereabouts (which by the way are unknown since Drogon has taken her and dropped her off in Dothraki land). Daario and Jorah take off while Tyrion is left behind to rule over Mereen. Tyrion doesn’t even know where to start but luckily for him, Varys has arrived to help him.

Cersei Does Penance: Cersei finally caves and “confesses” to the High Sparrow, praying to be shown mercy. The High Sparrow believes her. As penance, he strips her naked and forces her to take the longest walk of shame in history back to the castle. She’s greeting by a new knight of the King’s Guard, who apparently will not speak until all the enemies of her Grace are dead.

Jon Snow’s Lack Of Knowledge Costs Him: Back at The Wall, Jon allows Sam to head off with Gilly to be trained as a Maester, leaving him vulnerable. Melisandre arrives and shares the fate of Stannis and the family, leaving Jon and Davos devastated. Later while Jon is working on some scrolls, Olly rushes in to tell him that a Wildling has said he knows where BenJen is. Jon rushes to go talk to the Wildling when he arrives at a sign labeled “Traitor” and turns around to find that he’s surrounded by his brothers. They take turns stabbing him while saying “For the Watch”, with Olly deliver the fatal stab. Jon falls to the ground, bleeding to death as the screen fades to black.

And with that, another season of Game Of Thrones ends. Until next time, Throners!

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